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Take the Lead Dance Studio

Philadelphia, PA
4701 Pine St Philadelphia, PA, 19143
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  • Sue Lee 620 days ago

    fun place to go for dance lessons. once a month they have a donation for salsa lessons. it's totally worth it

  • Rolanda Bishop 649 days ago

    Love so much love

  • Russell Lavery 955 days ago

    I really like take the lead. The free lessons are fun and very good. After class ends, the instructor usually tries to dance with everyone in the class. You often get a mini private lesson. Great music selection and an unusual sound system. By design, the place has dozens?? of speakers (spread out) so the music is clear everywhere but not too loud anywhere. This is really nice because you can actually talk to people at Take the Lead. I do not think it is fun having to spend the whole evening yelling "what did you say?". You can talk in this place Sometimes lots of people, sometimes fewer - which makes it great because you can finally have some space to dance. I always find parking within 1 1/2 blocks. Mix of beginners and intermediates. I do not like clubs that are so crowded you are always in bumping people.

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