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Taj II

New York, NY

(212) 620-3033

Open now
48 West 21st Street New York, NY, 10010
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  • Jaroslaw Wojcik 2 days ago

    Great looking place with food, drinks and amazing dancefloor.

  • Denise Boney 12 days ago

    Awesome!!!!! My friends and I had a great time last Friday January 6. 2017. Maxwell Entertainment Friday nights afterwork party is the place to be. The Taj lounge food is so tasty and the drinks are on #POINT. I'm definitely going back Real SOON.

  • Daphne M 22 days ago

    Last time I was here it was a couple of years ago and I remember having a good time except for the fact that the bartender didn't know how to make a tequila sunrise. Last night was an out of body experience that I wouldn't want anyone to endure. Please take the review seriously as I normally have a wonderful time wherever I go out bc I bring the party!! Top 7 Reasons why I rate this place a 1: 1. I rsvped for free and got to the line at 11pm right when the doors opened as it was free until 12am to get in. I did not get into taj until 12:30am. I waited 1 1/2 hrs in the freezing cold in a line that barely moved. I was not crazy far back in the line to need to wait 90 minutes for anything. 2. While on line people constantly cut the line making it an unsafe environment bc you never know what someone could do. The bouncers clearly saw people cut the line and did nothing.2a. I witnessed the bouncer also let people (women) in with expired i.d.'s but hey!! Not my business I have to worry about getting shut down. 3. When my friends asked the bouncer, light skinned possibly white or hispanic/latino short male, questions such as, how much is it after 12am to get in, how many people are they letting in at a time, and how many people will they be letting in totally the bouncers' response was "idk". Sooo he works there as security and doesn't know the maximum capacity of people that can fit into taj?? Sounds like he's incompetent and a liar. 4. The bouncers constantly complained about other coworkers via their earpieces. This to me showed a lack of employee trust. 5. After finally getting inside the venue doors I immediately had to go to the mandatory $5 coatcheck line, where it was $5 per item. Additional workers of taj stated that if females had any types of shoes in their purses they had to be placed in coatcheck :/. Sooo is it $5 per flat??? 6. While waiting to be patted down I asked the worker that was less than 5 feet away from where I had to pay how much it costs for the cover charge and was told $20 for everyone. When I walked 3 steps to pay the price I was then told it was $25 for women and $30 for men to enter. 7. While I am negatively experiencing all of this inside the venue I still had a few friends outside who were informed that the only way he could enter the club is if he "immediately paid the bouncer $50 for drinks at the bar bc he wore sneakers that had white on the bottom." Bouncers words, not mine. When asked "how would he know that the money got to the bar?", the bouncer said that it is a process and will get there. Sounds fishy to me, as 30 minutes prior to that this same bouncer didn't even know how many people he was letting in at a time. Due to the fishy business, lack of customer care, lack of employee camaraderie, and extremely excruciating wait time especially in the freezing cold, my friends and I left taj immediately and found a bar that had lit music and food to discuss the recent turn of events.

  • Terrell Lopez 39 days ago

    I don't go out often, but when I do I love to be in environment and where the party is. I went here to celebrate a engagement and I had the time of my life. What surprised me is that even though the place was packed, it never seemed crowed. Please of room to dance and socialize without people bumping into you. Definitely will go again.

  • Dionne Noel 43 days ago

    Great after work spot!

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