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SVA Theatre

New York, NY

(212) 592-2980

333 W 23rd S New York, NY, 10011
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  • Agatha C. Melvin 154 days ago

    Interesting theater. Saw "Lost Girls". It will be released soon on Netflix. Well worth watching

  • Kelly G 218 days ago

    Came across a cool little event at this theater. They were doing viewings of black panther and coco. They had all the popcorn and beverages you could ever want. I wonder how often they hold events like that on.

  • Sergey Nagorny 243 days ago

    Outstanding venue for movie festival screenings. 2 movie screens, which can be playing simultaneously, without interrupting each other. A theater for a larger audience of about 300-400 people and a smaller one for about 200. Very attentive and knowledgeable staff that is always willing to make sure you and your audience have the most incredible time in the movies. The only thing I would add is some sort of concession. Not popcorn or anything, but just an ability to get water or a snack would do good.

  • Theotis Callender 300 days ago

    Great space . Comfortable seats pitched at an angle that let's everyone see.

  • Samara Riviera 638 days ago

    Great venue. Loved it. Went to a screening of on the basis of sex with stars felicity Jones and armie hammer.

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