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SVA Theatre

New York, NY

(212) 592-2980

333 W 23rd S New York, NY, 10011
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  • rebecca chu 106 days ago

    Decent venue.

  • Kelly G 568 days ago

    Came across a cool little event at this theater. They were doing viewings of black panther and coco. They had all the popcorn and beverages you could ever want. I wonder how often they hold events like that on.

  • Sergey Nagorny 593 days ago

    Outstanding venue for movie festival screenings. 2 movie screens, which can be playing simultaneously, without interrupting each other. A theater for a larger audience of about 300-400 people and a smaller one for about 200. Very attentive and knowledgeable staff that is always willing to make sure you and your audience have the most incredible time in the movies. The only thing I would add is some sort of concession. Not popcorn or anything, but just an ability to get water or a snack would do good.

  • Michael Gasi 731 days ago

    This theater is amazing. The sound, the screen, the seats, the staff. I can go on and on. It's one of the only places in NYC that has legit top of the line gear for projecting film (as opposed to just digital). Highly recommended for moviegoers as well those looking to screen their material and host events.

  • Paulette Schneider 765 days ago

    Volunteered to work for a filmfest event. Other than the lobby area which was lovely, I did not see the rest of the theater. Staff were very helpful and friendly. Made for an overall enjoyable evening

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