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Suite - Jacksonville

Jacksonville, FL
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4880 Big Island Drive Suite 1 Jacksonville, FL, 32246
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  • D Nicole Williams 470 days ago

    Sometimes, I can't tolerate the crowd. Nice atmosphere. Nice ambiance. A good time when it's not overcrowded.

  • Bridgett Jones 496 days ago

    Wish there was negative stars. Went here as a part of a bar crawl that Suite sponsored. The other 2 didn't make sense (they were restaurants) but once we figured out it was put on by Suite then we realized it was to make them look better. When we got to suite the bouncers were rude & the woman over the bar crawl ignored us (even though the 1st 50 people there were supposed to get free merchandise). So, we figured okay maybe we have to wait until the designated time frame (we were about 30min early). The time at Suite was 11-1:30p, we went back to her at 11:05p and she was out. Mind you I had full view of her from where we sitting the entire time & 50 people did not come up to her. It was just bait to get people there and I see why. The drinks were overpriced and not good. How do you make a BAD sex on the beach? They managed to. Just don't waste your time & money.

  • xio 23 517 days ago

    Bad place they won't let you in if you're with your man ! They said there was a dress code which my husband respected and they still didn't wanted us to go in. I think the guys at the front are just thirsty and only want to let girls in by themselves, if they're alone they will let them in, but if you with your man they make a face and say nop because of the dress code, but my husband was respecting the dress code, we saw other young guys not respecting the dress code and they were inside, so I don't think is because of the dress code, I think they just want girls inside the club so they can try to highlight at them. There's better places than this 2 star rating place that says a lot.

  • Zhiva R 544 days ago

    One of the best place to party in town! This place is full of energy and fun and I have always had a great experience whenever I have been with my friends. The club staffs are friendly and the DJ is great! Best time to go is on Friday and Saturday night after 10.30 PM (unless you want to pay less entry you can go early lol). Drinks and hangout spot on the outside is very comfortable and good to relax if you want to be away from too much noise for a while. Step out and enjoy a nice weekend and party hard!

  • Alexkamaal 570 days ago

    First off , if you go there the only way your getting inside is if your a young lady who looks up to they're standards or your on V.I.P .. I waited in line for about 2 hours and was never let in. When I tried to get in , they increased the price from what they charged my friend. He was an Asian guy. They charged him $15 dollars and me $20. I decided to wait in the normal line and eventually the doormen said that they weren't letting anyone else in due to the capacity of the club. I ended up not getting in. I made sure I dressed properly and I am a pretty clean cut young man. Aside from the terrible wasted night, I'd much rather give my money to someone who appreciate me as a customer rather than someone who will discriminate against me due to my skin color. If your letting my skin color hold power over you, altering the way you think, and the way you handle your establishment then how do you expect to expand. The very next day it turns out that the doorman/bouncer worked out at the same gym as me. We spoke a little and the guy seemed cool. We got around to the conversation of why they never let me into the club and it turns out that he said that the owner only allows 15% of black to enter the club. He told me that they nit pick at certain shirts or even shoes black people wear in order to make excuses for them to not go inside of the club.

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