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Suede Lounge Atlanta

Atlanta, GA
257 Trinity Avenue Southwest Atlanta, GA, 30303
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  • Joe Lewis 491 days ago

    Depends on the crowd but there are always beautiful women

  • Jacobi West 724 days ago

    There's NO AIR CONDITIONER!!! It was a HOT, GHETTO & RATCHET MESS!!! They have about 3 house fans to cool the place off! Seen cock roaches crawling everywhere!!!! Venue looks nothing the pictures advertised on Google. Employees smoking reefer while working and unlicensed bartenders that make disgusting drinks! My food took forever and it was all of 7 people in the lounge!! And I thank God that something told me to flash my phone light on my food.. THERE WAS A COCK ROACH IN MY CHICKEN TACO!!!!! Couches are cut up with cigarette and/or blunt holes and very junk yard looking. Hate to see the day health inspectors inspect this place of "business". Very janky promoters and management!!!

  • maraviar mccoy 765 days ago

    This place is horrific on the outside and it's in the hood and everything inside and out is ghetto. You have to stand in line on a uneven and broken up sidewalk. Make sure you bring correct change for parking because parking machines don't give change back. Also I got there at 10:00 when they opened,they held the line until 11:30pm and most likely started charging. Ladies suppose to be free until 11:30 and that was messed up besides leaving and not making it in the lounge.

  • Rodney Thomas 954 days ago

    I really enjoyed the speedy service provided by the knowlegeable staff. The drinks taste great. The music was right and the building was pack. I had a wonderful experience and plan to go back and bring a few friends with me. #IsupportSuedeLounge

  • Dr. Good Teeth 1155 days ago

    I went on a Wednesday I think they were giving away free shots! Had a good time. They Have Two levels so I guess when it gets real packed they open that part up too!

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