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New York, NY
63 Gansevoort St New York, NY, 10014
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  • Alex Sasha Furmansky 403 days ago

    Went on a Saturday night. Friendly staff and bartender (I think Micha was his name?). While drinks were a bit weak, that's not why you come here. The music was AMAZING. DJ who was on prior to the live band played all the Latin club hits. Mixing traditions salsa (great for dancing with new people) and modern reggaeton. Excited to see what they do with their new location.

  • Rosanna Wyatt 411 days ago

    The people here are liars and thieves. I don't understand how they are still in business. They all belong in jail. NEVER open a tab here. My husband had one drink and when he went to pay they said that some friends of his had ordered $100 worth of booze on his tab and refused to give him back his passport. He paid because we are travelling soon and he needed his passport back. When he asked his friends about it they said they had paid for what they ordered themselves. ALSO they took it upon themselves to add on a $10 tip that my husband DID NOT authorize. Later the bar hit a different friend of my husband's with a $500 bill for things he NEVER ordered or consumed and are refusing to give his ID back to him unless he pays. THESE PEOPLE ARE CROOKS. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY.

  • Neslihan Ozdemir 481 days ago

    Oh man. Terrible owner or manager. We go there 10:50pm for 11pm event with rsvp tickets. The reception says that event pushed back to 12, we have to pay. Manager comes and I repeat, I tell: you have to e-mail the people who registered and gave their email to you, and he says NEXT TIME I'll do that. Cool attitude. I say if there will be a next time..!!!!

  • Eunice Aparicio 526 days ago

    I'm from California, and going to this place to see live music was great, but the food was expensive and small portions. There's a busboy who thinks he's better than you and always right. So much so that he'll step on musicians instruments because they're in his path and can't wait 2 seconds for the instruments to be moved. Manager didn't even called his attention after the incident so, watch out for him.

  • Jaina Bowne 733 days ago

    I really liked this place but the staff wasn't that great. Typical lounge/bar staff. But I will say that The Meatpacking District mostly offers clubs and house music so it's nice to see another variety. The ambience inside is perfect- dim and sexy, not too dark. There are couches along the front entrance and tables all around the stage. Tables have a $20 minimum which seems very reasonable and there's plenty of standing room in front of the stage. Bartenders didn't seem too crowded so it wasn't hard to get a drink, which was nice. The only thing is that they weren't consistent on pricing. That always rubs me wrong when one bartender charges you one thing and the next charges you another. It made me not want to buy another drink. I got there pretty early in the night so I'm sure it gets much busier, but there was only one person at the door, checking people in and doing coat check at the same time. She didn't multi task or communicate very well so there would be a huge crowd waiting to check coats or waiting to come in and made it a little confusing. It's all about a little hustle in those moments, and she didn't seem to have any of that. I like the place and the set up is great but the staff needs to pull it together a little tighter.

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