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New York, NY
63 Gansevoort St New York, NY, 10014
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  • K E N N E C T E D 1630 days ago

    Dark below street level industrial lounge. I went on a house music night and the crowd was diverse. Great bartender who made perfect drinks for my group.

  • Consuelo Medrano 1656 days ago

    So I went there to see a college friend play. The waitress took 15 minutes to greet me, I can tell when a person profiles you and thinks you won't tip her (I'm a server myself and yes it happens) after I get my bill, I noticed she had added the tip, which is not only illegal to do (I was at a table by myself) but confirmed my suspicions. I hope you hire better staff and more honest people. I won't go back because the service was bad too.

  • Jaina Bowne 1791 days ago

    I really liked this place but the staff wasn't that great. Typical lounge/bar staff. But I will say that The Meatpacking District mostly offers clubs and house music so it's nice to see another variety. The ambience inside is perfect- dim and sexy, not too dark. There are couches along the front entrance and tables all around the stage. Tables have a $20 minimum which seems very reasonable and there's plenty of standing room in front of the stage. Bartenders didn't seem too crowded so it wasn't hard to get a drink, which was nice. The only thing is that they weren't consistent on pricing. That always rubs me wrong when one bartender charges you one thing and the next charges you another. It made me not want to buy another drink. I got there pretty early in the night so I'm sure it gets much busier, but there was only one person at the door, checking people in and doing coat check at the same time. She didn't multi task or communicate very well so there would be a huge crowd waiting to check coats or waiting to come in and made it a little confusing. It's all about a little hustle in those moments, and she didn't seem to have any of that. I like the place and the set up is great but the staff needs to pull it together a little tighter.

  • Christina Li 1872 days ago

    It was my first time at this place and it was a nice experience. Though they have a slow service and food/beverages are expensive. They have a policy of $20 minimum per person and a 18% gratuity is included on your check (which are Ok for me). Food is not worth it. I enjoyed the music and performances, they are so captivating. It's a good place for socializing.

  • Aldo Lauria Santiago 2196 days ago

    Beautiful club. Reasonable entry. Watch out for the fine print (was it there?) for $20 min. Per person at tables....and if you are a party of two...they want to sit you at the limited two person seats (all three or four of them), two of which suck. Had to argue to get one of the nicely located love seats when the club was nearly empty (came early for good seats. ..)

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