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Studio Movie Grill

Charlotte, NC
210 E Trade St Charlotte, NC, 28202
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  • Chantel Ross 13 days ago

    Awful customer service. After a terrible movie experience I contacted guest services and a manager told me he would send me movie passes in the mail to make u for the experience. 2 months later I STILL don't have the passes. I've been lied to by management when they don't avoid my calls saying that they are in the mail, they've tracked them, will call me back. They're full of it. Especially Aldo who I've spoken with at least twice. Don't waste your money here. There are other theatres you can go to with MUCH BETTER service.

  • Brian Wilson 13 days ago

    Anyone who comes to see a movie here be prepared for something to go wrong. The troubles here are many and what’s funny is the staff knows it but offers very little to make it right or provide clarity to fixing them. Here’s just a few examples and I’ve only been twice: luke-warm gin and tonic at the bar, bartender who expects you to yell your drink at her because she refuses to walk closer to you, hot theater because of broken air conditioning, food delivery an hour after ordering it, receiving food that wasn’t what you ordered, never getting food you ordered, ripped and stained benches in the bar, movie sound quality sucks and on and on. There is one positive and that’s the food. It’s quite good. Whoever is writing good reviews about anything other than the food, is obviously delusional or is someone who gets to come here once a year as a break from the country and trip into the big city.

  • Deidra Belnavis 18 days ago

    Good food, but they claim they "clean" their rooms, however crumbs and drink rings still be left on the table and seats?? Not to mention the workers sometimes are rude and standoff-ish. Beware when you get your receipt, and make sure you SCRIBBLE OUT THE TIP! They add their tip even after you add a 0. Its a shame!

  • Maggie Kidd 22 days ago

    I was so excited to try this place because I had never been to a dine in theater. Unfortunately, it was a bust. Our cheese fries were cold and I was never brought a fork for my mac and cheese. Yes, you read that right. After asking for one after not getting it with my food and being told they would bring it. Then pressing the service button multiple times and no one showed up for 30 minutes, I NEVER got a fork. Noodles were big and dry so I ate them with my fingers, I'm not proud of it but I was hungry. Also, they had no tea for a refill and closed the kitchen so no one could order anything else. Also, service was very slow and most employees (all pretty young) were mostly just joking and playing around the entire time. Very disappointing. Would not recommend this place to anyone.

  • Frank Reid 53 days ago

    This is probably my favorite place to go to the movies. Great seating, comfortable leather chairs. You go online and pick your reserved seating which I think is a big plus. The food is so-so and a little expensive. But you can have an adult beverage and chips and salsa while you watch the movie, I think that's pretty cool. Like I said it's one of my favorite places to go watch a movie. The staff is friendly and courteous.

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