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210 E Trade St Charlotte, NC, 28202
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  • Gil Long 1 day ago

    Our nephew and his fiance' gave my wife and me a gift card for Cinema Movie Grill in downtown Charlotte. I read some of the review on here and got a little worried. We've gone twice so far and it's been great. Wonderful location, the facility is beautiful and well kept, the staff is friendly and attentive, the movie prices are good, the food is good and reasonably priced. Would highly recommend.

  • Angela Hill 8 days ago

    Unfortunately, it is an understatement that it's a tourist trap. It's also a safety/security hazard. People are not clearly checked as they enter the theater and we had an incident where a young lady with young children (which wasn't her) and didn't purchase such allow to make it all the way into the Rated R theater; even after making several attempts to ask them to acknowledge her age, their ages, etc. I heard great things, but this will be the first and last time I will ever make this a stop while in Charlotte. The food was terrible. The place seemed nasty...Glad it was dark because this way I probably couldn't see all the dirt and trash everywhere. The staff was rude and I felt as I was there to serve them; not us.

  • Tara Wellborn 23 days ago

    Good for a date night. Enjoyed the movie and the food but took 3 times and 3 different people before getting our 2 glasses of water after half way eating our food. The service crew needs to get it together to make the experience better.

  • Curt White 50 days ago

    DO NOT GO HERE. This is a tourist trap who cares nothing about their business. If you want a terrible night, go here. I took my wife here to see Star Wars because it's her favorite movie series ever. She was so excited. When we arrive, the floor throughout the entire building is so sticky I can hear my shoes sticking as I walk- I mean in the lobby, the bar area, the bathrooms, and the theater. The bar tender barely even looks at anyone when people arrive, and when I ask if there is a food menu he literally says, "it's right in front of you." (It was actually across the room). Then, the move is supposed to start at 7pm but at 7pm some kid who works there says "it's not ready." So we wait, and finally get in at 7:15. We order food from another kid who doesn't know how to use the iPad thing that they order on. The food comes about 20 minutes later, and they got my wife's order wrong. I called over (yet another) server and tell her that it's wrong, and she says "well I don't know what it's supposed to look like." Without giving me a chance to just keep the food, she takes it away and doesn't come back for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, I go use the bathroom and it the absolute DIRTIEST bathroom I have ever seen. Only one of the two paper towel dispensers was working, there was only soap in one of the soap dispensers, trash everywhere on the floor, water everywhere. Finally, our food comes and it's COLD. We just eat it. Meanwhile, everyone we encountered was incredibly rude and disinterested. When we left there was literally a line at the checkout of people whose order were wrong. Finally, the movie was turned up so loud I had to put ear plugs in. My wife was very upset, and I was sad for her because it's her favorite movie. Truly the worst movie experience I have ever had. This place gives Uptown Charlotte a bad name. It's a lazy, disorganized establishment that's not worthy of our city.

  • Amanda White 50 days ago

    Used to be a good establishment. Unfortunately tonight I learned otherwise. Order wrong - TWICE - final order came out 60 minutes after ordered. Drinks came out 10 minutes after first incorrect order came out. Dirty bathrooms. No soap in bathrooms. Dirty floors, sticky to walk on. Movie started about 20 minutes late. Very rude wait staff and management. So many people were upset with service and getting up and down it was a distraction from the experience.

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