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1223 Moro St Manhattan, KS, 66502
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  • Wendi Jones 41 days ago

    Every time we've gone here, my children and grandchildren have enjoyed the entire creative process, designed something wonderful and been treated amazingly well by the staff

  • Danielle Jones 177 days ago

    Not only are the paint options already limited, when I asked if they had more of a color with an empty bottle, they just said no and told me to use a different color. Then they make you wait A WEEK for the project you painted to be fires (even though the process only takes a day. Like are you a week behind always or what?) But I came back in a week later and it still wasn't done! She says "oh, it just went in last night, it'll be done at 4 or 5." Seriously? I had depended on them keeping their word so I could leave town in time and I thought afternoon was plenty generous, but I guess not. Wish there were another, better place like this in town.

  • Alec Ray 204 days ago

    I parked right outside of Straight Upp one evening to study for grad school at the coffee shop next door. During my study time, 2 separate vehicles backed into my car and then fled the scene. The kind girl at the desk, Sierra, witnessed both accidents and even managed to get a picture with the license plate number of the second vehicle, which did the most damage. She left a note on my car and even told me that she was willing to make a statement on a police report as well as answer a call from my insurance agent. Great people work here and they are always watching out for you.

  • Autumn Stottlemyre 560 days ago

    I loved the painting the class was recreating and it's a great experience. However, the instructor should be someone who knows what they are doing. The instructor that we had messed up the painting from the very first step.

  • Danielle Gibson 1205 days ago

    Straight Upp provides creative solutions for creating a themed party with both style and taste. Forget Party City! I would much rather have their customized products that speak to my style and aesthetic, over the cheesy made for the mass market products found at party stores. Not only is Straight Upp more creative, but also much more affordable! Straight Upp is reliable, and will make your event a success. As an event planner, I use them both as an inspiration and a vendor!

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