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Stereo Live

Houston, TX

(832) 251-9600

Closed now
6400 Richmond Ave Houston, TX, 77057
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  • ralphwigg 2 days ago

    I had (had,won't be doing so anymore) been going here for years and the staff has become increasingly more arrogant as the years pass. The venue itself is great but it's almost as if they have a monopoly on the EDM scene and they can treat their customers however they want because it's not like there are other places to go in Houston to see the same dj's. A large number of the people who go here are about the "plur" lifestyle and the staff at Stereo Live is entirely the opposite. Out of all the times I've been here (countless) the one thing I dread is dealing with the staff.

  • Austin Silva 6 days ago

    One of the best places in htown to see a concert. Especially if you like lights, and lazers.

  • Joseph Beavers 16 days ago

    Great venue! The sound is excellent. The biggest thing that stuck out to me is that it was clean. I constantly saw staff cleaning, even while the performance was going on. Nice Job!

  • Karthik Ramaswamy 17 days ago

    This place is one of the best venues for electronic music in Houston. I go 3 or 4 times a year to jam some good music and the big names in electronic play here when they tour. I find it INCREDIBLY irritating that they banned glove lights last year because "it was related to drug culture". As if ppl do drugs at electronic shows because of the lights... for what it's worth, I don't drink or do drugs, and love lights and light shows and dancing, and it's all part of the culture. So to ban gloves as part of an ignorant movement across edm culture is ignorant of the club. That's why I give it 3 stars instead of 5. Otherwise I really like the club and how they conduct their business

  • kayla draper 30 days ago

    Roomy venue, nice sound system and upgraded interior. The patio stage has been shut down due to noise complaints, which really cuts the attraction value in half. Could still use some upgrades, be prepared to not have anywhere to sit.

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