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  • Janice Thurber 1 day ago

    I was in St Vincents in April 2015. When I was told I was discharged, I waited about hour and half and transportation hadn't come yet. Went to nurses station and ask when I was leaving. My nurse told me they had called transportation 4 times. She tells the head nurse she is taking me down. My nurse that day was great. Your transportation is terrible. Had a friend that was discharged last week. Transportation never came so he walked out himself. He did sign a form that he was walking out. Your transportation is terrible. Maybe you need to hire more people.

  • Patricia Martinez 6 days ago

    Thankyou so much St. Vincent's Riverside for helping me with my back pain! It was excruciating, and ya'll took me right in and handled the situation and also discovered a uti that I didn't know that I had! That shot of Dilaudid helped alot! I wish ya'll would bring back the pillows though, the beds are very uncomfortable without pillows! Your staff on duty that night was pretty prompt and very courteous. Thanks again!

  • Wayne Tankersley 15 days ago

    My 89yr old mother went in on Sat 12/31 for chest and left arm pains. Admitted for testing and observations. Sun 1/1 on no food/drink after midnight for tests. At 2pm finally figured out due to holiday no testing techs on duty. Got food at 5pm. Same issue on Mon 1/2, so many waiting for tests, got back to room after 4pm with nothing to eat/drink since night before. Dr wanted a heart cath, so scheduled for Tue 1/3 morning. Guess what, DR had emergency surgery in the morning. They still took her down at 1000 to wait in testing waiting area. Dr came and told her he was done and HAD TO EAT HIS LUNCH before he could do her test. So it didn't start until 2pm, and again she didn't get food until 7pm. 3 days in a row no food or drink for over 16 hours. At 89 she is very susceptible to dehydration, which I told all the staff on all shifts. Finally on Monday at my insistence they hooked up an IV of saline at least. The nurses she had were all very nice, but there was poor inter-departmental communication, and no one was looking at the big picture and following her health needs. Released Tuesday night, and is exhausted and very weak after this ordeal. Will probably never take her to St Vincents again. Only giving 2 starts because the testing and work by the Drs and nurses was very thorough, but patient care overall was horrible.

  • Myrian Shipp 38 days ago

    When I had my breast exam I was very nervous but the staff calmed me down. However, the billing is a nightmare. In October of this year, I received a text from my credit report saying that I had a collections added. I didn't know what was going on so I got the number from the report. When I called I found out that a bill was sent to a 10 year old address as well as having outdated contact numbers. Now mind you, I contact them on October 28 and updated the information. I was told that my bill would be pulled from the collections agency and my credit will be corrected. It is now December 12 and it hasn't been corrected yet. When called today I was told that my account was sent for investigation but there wasn't anything stating that my bill was sent to a TEN YEAR OLD ADDRESS so nothing was done. You can believe, once this nightmare is over I will take my business elsewhere.

  • Maya Jablonska 118 days ago

    I used inquicker to go to the ER. Was registered and seen in less than 5 minutes! Dr Ling saw me and she was the nicest person! The nurse and young woman who got me registered were nice as well. Definitely going back if I ever have to! Very pleasant experience.

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