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11000 W U.S. Hwy 42 Goshen, KY, 4002
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  • Lucas Orthober 18 days ago

    i go to this school and it's amazing

  • Laura Linkous 41 days ago

    Great education with amazing faculty. Small class sizes, and downtown location is beautiful.

  • NotSoHipster 517 days ago

    St.Francis has provided me the most outstanding and creative learning experience I have ever had. It has changed my life and I feel as though I have really grown as a student. I came in middle school and all of my classmates, who I now can call my second family, were open and welcoming to me and all of the new students after that. The teachers are always willing to help you and share their knowledge about the subject with you. The class sizes are small and I feel like the teachers care about my education and growth as a person and an intellectual student. It's common misconception that the students are rich and snobby and judgmental. But, this is defiantly not true. Every student works hard and are welcome to anyone with open arms (physically and mentally!!). I love St.Francis and it has given me a new perspective on life and it thought me about being myself and expanding my creativity.

  • Purse Talks 1343 days ago

    St. Francis School of Goshen KY boosts about small class size but I was in a class of 18 and they continued to recruit and add. The building has poor plumbing and insulation. One day we were in class and baby termites were falling from the air ducts. I could smell urine and excrement from the bathrooms below me. It is uncomfortably too cold or too hot all the time. There is not procedure in place for us to keep predators or gun men out. After Sandy Hook elementary shooting we were asking what we would do since there are no doors in the classrooms and no one would tell us. The janitor does not clean or wipe surfaces and sickness spreads quickly, I was sick 4 times. There is little structure. Every Friday, they have what is called "project time" for ninety minutes where most kids run around and get away with doing whatever they want just so the drama students can practice. That is pretty much is the running engine of the school: drama, drama drama. Instruction is always interrupted by some play or field trip to a farm without warning. There was a student talking about drugs and telling others where to get them and another that gave two girls advice about how to give oral sex. Technology is lacking. Students are not welcoming to new students or teachers they in fact bully us. Admin fired two teachers at the end of the school years and we have seen way to many teachers come and go. You always have to prove yourself and defend yourself. It is a culture of parents complaining and nothing ever being good enough. Pressure gets high so do the teachers; a group of kids were into cutting themselves this year. Teachers seem afraid of parents because their complaints lead to immediate dismissal. Many grades are given not earned. Very disorganized and the scheduling for students and teachers is wacko and no one ever knows whats going on or where to be. No bell system, students are always late to class teachers release them when they want sometimes 10 minutes too late or 10 too early. Very few school days for the money: $15-16K or so a year. No diversity; I can count on one hand the # of African-American or Asian students. I will say one good thing and that is the student lunch has variety and healthy options. I will end on the note that this school is NOT friendly and teaching rich kids that it is okay to be a jerk and that you can get your way if you complain and make excuses.

  • sprezzatura necuze 1344 days ago

    This school is ran by kids and their parents. Children are aware of their entitlement and there is no behavior policy or consequences that protect classroom instruction. They make it up as they go and play by their own set of rules. I would much rather be in public schools than be subjected to hateful kids and their bullying parents. The focus of this school is the drama program, whose director is head of school and makes this his top priority. There is no unity amongst staff and no administrative support for their teachers. Teachers and staff are fired or leave left and right. It is encouraged to assign grades that students don’t earn. If you want to teach your children that money and image are more important than academia and character than this would be the school for your child.

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