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St. Francis College

Brooklyn, NY

(718) 522-2300

180 Remsen St Brooklyn, NY, 11201
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  • Muhamwh Old 71 days ago

    I Was Sexually Assaulted By One Of The Students Here & Physically Assaulted By One Of The Staff. Last Name Rodriguez Guy Tries To Break My Hand During A Handshake. All I Was Trying To Do Is Keep Him Up To Date With A Certain Class I Was Being Harassed In, Apparently Dean Rodriguez Does Not Take Bullying Seriously In This College, Since He Himself Also Insists On Trying To Injure A Student .

  • ColdBlooded 1112 110 days ago

    I went on a trip to this school when I was in 5th grade. This school is pretty great, and the staff are polite to the students

  • Kasha Jenkins 236 days ago

    Although I graduated here with honors the loans have made it so difficult for me to apply for another degree. It's not a good financial investment.

  • Brooklyn Dear 283 days ago

    I transferred from here to Brooklyn College (CUNY) for my Sophomore year. What a mistake. Since last week I have now been dying to come back here and researching how I'm going to transfer back for Spring. If you're like me and been in private school or any small setting school your whole life, not only is this the perfect school for you- you will DEEPLY regret transferring because of the "excelsior" which is a complete fraud/lottery in itself. After being in the 14th grade, I mean a CUNY, for 2 weeks- I can't even describe how much it'll make you appreciate and miss this place. Every room is air conditioned, it's clean, it's cozy, there's a strong sense of community despite the small size and the area is awesome. EVERY lecturer has their PHD and NO STUDENTS are teaching classes. They genuinely care about you, too. Their online programs to submit work is super easy (Unlike CUNY, where you have to use SIX different ones) and the professors answer almost immediately. Every professor I had the year I was there gave a thorough review for the midterm and final. They literally set you up to PASS. Please take my word- if you went to a private school in BK, QUEENS, Staten Island, or wherever else- do come here, and definitely do NOT transfer out if you're already here. Sincerely, A very regretful Sophomore female.

  • Valkyrie Eve 710 days ago

    Awesome college. The professors are all usually very down to earth. You can tell that the staff there care about your future and want you to succeed. It really is a small college, but they give you MANY opportunities to do well and achieve anything you want

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