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St. Agnes Hospital

Fond du Lac, WI
430 E Division St Fond du Lac, WI, 54935
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  • Bradley Winkelman 3 days ago

    Great experiences at St Agnes. I see a lot of reviews on here with unrealistic expectations of a hospital and its staff. I have been to a couple different Agnesian clinics and had to wait to be called because other patients had triage priority....big deal. I have also witnessed patients being rude or demanding to staff. Yeah, I didn't feel good either but I didn't bite the hand that was helping me. My visits were cut and dry, always accurately diagnoses. Even if I would have had to come back due to not feeling better after several days or whatever, misdiagnosis happens. 10 different doctors are presented the same handful of symptoms, ten different outcomes are reached...medicine is a science but it isn't as simple as math. 2 plus 2 always eqals 4 but in medicine, 2 plus 2 can be any number of answers that aren't necessarily 4. Be nice to the staff at our community hospital, they are clearly trying their best to make sure we are welll taken care of, even if it takes longer than we want. Remember, there are other people being seen or those who take priority over us due to severity of illness.

  • Cindy Mueller 62 days ago

    I'm getting impeccable care! After waiting way to long to come in because I thought I had the flu, the doctors and nurses are getting me on the road roate recovery .. and it certainly wasn't the flu!!!

  • Ronnie Mullaley 121 days ago

    In the ER right now still waiting. Dr. called from convenient care to have IV immediately. That was 1.25 hours ago. Tried speaking to receptionist, she began speaking to a person behind me through the window. Still waiting. Update: Finally being seen. Took 1 hour and 32 minutes to get called in by nurses. Took DR on duty 8 minutes to get to us. 19 minutes for lab. Drew blood. After getting 4 viles of a blood sample, she realized, she needs another. Then she had to get another needle out and re-entered the same hole, missing the vein this time and started digging around.

  • Hanna Koll 165 days ago

    Multiple occasions getting family and friends more sick or infections due to not cleaning equipment well. Misdiagnosing often. Dropped my brother on his head as a baby. Misdiagnosed my sister who had preeclampsia with low pain tolerance... She went elsewhere and had an emergency c section... It is known to stabalize and get loved ones out ASAP because they screw everyone up.

  • Patty Stockwell 280 days ago

    I'm currently sitting in the waiting room in the Fond Du Lac emergency room. I've been here for 2 HOURS! I've gone up to the receptionist several times but "they are going as fast as they can". Girl got in before me. She just hurt her wrist. I'm having immense pain that I'm in tears crying and I'm having a hard time breathing. But I'm not a priority. Hate this place. Never coming back here. I will go elsewhere

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