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St. Agnes Hospital

Fond du Lac, WI

(920) 929-2300

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430 E Division St Fond du Lac, WI, 54935
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  • Maria Witzke 74 days ago

    Having elderly parents, I have spent more time here than I care. First, there are a few super staff members who make the experiences somewhat bearable and give this hospital a hopeful chance. Second, this past stay we have not gotten a straight answer from the nurses except one. She was fantastic. We've been here for 7 days.Third, A PA talked my mother out of a procedure so she could leave early, resulting in my mother staying an extra 4 days to still have the procedure. Fourth, since we couldn't get a straight answer from anyone, we were shocked when transport came to get her for the procedure early this morning. Fifth, we've been waiting for over 7 hours for the hospitalist to see my mother so she can be discharged. This is one of many disappointing encounters with this hospital.

  • Anita Hoffman 144 days ago

    Drs. and nurses at cancer center could not be better! Very caring gentle people!

  • Brian Reindl 179 days ago

    The staff and care received at this hospital was excellent. We had to check my wife in on a Wed. night at 10:30 and was amazed at the amount of staff for that time of night. Everyone that treated her or looked after her that night and the next three days should be commended. The knowledge and caring of every one who treated or interacted with myself or my wife was well above average. They took great pains to keep my wife and myself informed of all procedures that were done. I have no complaints.

  • Kristina Candlish 231 days ago

    Yesterday before noon my husband was brought into St. Agnes ER from his work due to dizziness and numbess in his right side, with extremely high blood pressure. The terrible treatment he received from the ER will prevent us from ever going to St. Agnes again. When the call button was pushed it took on average 25 minutes for a nurse to come to his room. Whether for going to the bathroom or having dizzy spells and increased pain the nurse wouldn't arrive for over 20 minutes. When his pulse monitor wasn't on properly, the alarm went off for 15 minutes and no one ever came to check on him! My husband was never on an IV bag (though he had an iv port) or given water, causing him to become dehydrated. Not once did the nurses wash or sanitize their hands in his room. Once my husband filled his urinal (full in one go) it was never removed from the room, a nurse and a doctor came in after it was full and never removed it! Wrappers were left on his bed after his ekg, probably because both trash cans were full in his room with other medical garbage. The neurologist was paying more attention to the muted tv screen in the room than the patient. We didn't feel the staff could probably take care of my husband so we left against recommendations. Never again will we come to St. Agnes ER, we'd rather go out of the way to Oshkosh to receive care. The sad part is we will get a bill and have to pay for lousy treatment my husband received! I don't know if they were short staffed or what but there was no "care" with the ER staff.

  • Debbie Cutler 253 days ago

    My parents and I were treated wonderfully while here for my dad’s procedure. The entire staff was thoughtful and should be commended. We were made to feel so comfortable ( asking if the temperature was comfortable, offering my mom and I coffee and helping us carry our belongings from one waiting area to another. ) Everyone was so friendly and assuring during a time that can be stressful and concerning.

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