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1214 W Summit Pkwy Spokane, WA, 99201
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  • Kristy Carey 57 days ago

    Only been here once, and haven't joined, but I love this place.

  • Hannah Chiu 122 days ago

    I can't say enough good things about a wonderful resource for the community. Well kept, clean, and chalk full of inspiration and resources. Books to check out, large selection of games to play, computer stations and more. Easy to access public restroom. The staff were friendly and kind, interacting with the many children drawn to the location. I have one caveat concerning the staff however. There was one individual staff member or volunteer (indicated by name tag) that was freely roaming among the children playing games and talking. Whatever their eccentricities may have been (an odd duck to be sure, but nothing wrong with that) I was displeased with how they interacted with my small children - interrupting them, taking toys out of their hands rudely, and talking without listening to others. I looked around and saw many unchaperoned children. I would hope that another staff member would at least shadow this individual and monitor behavior. I felt comfortable as I was with my children and able to interact, respond, and eventually limit our interactions with this volunteer. But if I was a parent of an older child who visited Spark alone or with minimal supervision...I would want to know this individual is also monitored and supported. (Not left unsupervised with a bunch of kids.) Based on how the other staff acted I have full faith they will monitor this in the future even though I never explicitly asked any questions to that effect.

  • Melina Zhang 523 days ago

    This is a wonderful place that offers a lot to the community. The people are very kind.

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