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Sound Nightclub

Los Angeles, CA

(323) 962-9000

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1642 N Las Palmas Ave Los Angeles, CA, 90028
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  • Joe Smith 11 days ago

    Fake reviews. If you don’t believe me like look at their other reviews of people who posted those reviews. Lame is the best word I can use to describe this place. Energy level: Low 18 and over: no Vegas style rip-offs: yes Music: so-so Service: no good. Rude bouncers. Slow bartenders So let me elaborate. If this place was 18 and over I think they’d have more energy. Because let’s face it the younger we are the more fun we are as humans. Right now you have bunch of tired adults who regret paying for parking and entrance fee who just look at each others dumb founded. There was a time that clubs in Vegas were fun because they were non pretentious. For whatever reason (probably money motivated) they changed so the “rich” or “ pretend rich” or “cheap group of people who wanna pretend they are rich “ get to sit down and the rest just move around like cattle. It’s degrading and it’s not fun. That’s why this club like other clubs in Hollywood are not being successful. That’s why people from LA drive 50 miles to go to OC or riverside. That’s why 18 and over young adults also go to riverside or even farther to have some fun. And that’s why Laughlin, Nevada is seeing more business because people skip even the pretentious clubs in Vegas and go to Laughlin for fun. So somebody has to tell these people the era of pretentious is over. People realize they just look dumb pretending. In short, make this place fun. Maybe a fun DJ who interacts with people. Make it 18 and over. Maybe that’s why there is every Friday night 5000 people at Florentine Gardens and non at your club. Get the message and also stop paying for fake reviews...yuk

  • Rose Yates 77 days ago

    Best dance club I've been too! You meet interesting people, and the shows and music are fantastic!!! This place also serves great drinks which are a plus. Just please travel in a group if you are attending. Like any club, there may be creepers. Party safe and have fun!

  • Kellie Warner 94 days ago

    Was able to get a table last min with no issues and the staff was so nice and helpful. It's a beautiful and classy club. Everyone was dressed nicely and acted like adults. No complaints.

  • Marianne Walters 94 days ago

    This place is absolutely beautiful. I've been here a few times with my best friend when we just wanted to go dance and have a good time.

  • Andrew Torosian 173 days ago

    Always have a great time at Sound! Music is very techno oriented, so I'd like to say it's not for everyone. Restrooms are clean and lines for it are never long. They recently transformed their outside patio to a nice relaxing lounge type spot. About a total of four bars, and nicely spaced. Intimate dance floor, which I enjoy, but will admit it can get packed at times for a really great show. Entrance is always super easy and a breeze if you buy your tickets before hand.

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