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Social Junkie Sports Bar and Grill

Houston, TX
Sorry, there are no upcoming events
2412 Washington Ave Houston, TX, 77007
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  • Precious Smith 219 days ago

    I went to a day party with some friends. It was cool. Overpriced for the quality but it was a nice vibe in there. Go check it out if your bored.

  • Jett Preston 316 days ago

    When I'm in the SOCIAL MAZE I find myself gravitating towards this bar. The social maze is where life's illusions appear - and the more you see these illusions, the greater your tendency to become closer and closer to the truth. I love the truth, it's dear to me. And although most people have no concept of the social maze, others do! I'm so glad to have found this place today!

  • ravin porter 337 days ago

    this is a great place to party. great atmosphere. great value!!! will be back!

  • Janell Adams 363 days ago

    Very good customer service, great atmosphere, and drinks. Just a overall great place

  • Shelton A 549 days ago

    This was a lovely surprise. Urban sport's bar that posted r&b and hip hop. Good fun. Plenty of TVs and plenty of beautiful black women. Sunday we watched the game and it started getting packed at 5. Had a good time

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