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San Francisco, CA
430 Mason St San Francisco, CA, 94102
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  • Mark Knedler 369 days ago

    Website is down and Google said it was open but it was closed. Might be a Thursday thing but nothing was posted. Sounded like a cool place but unfotunanlty something it not up to date.

  • Valerie Haney 419 days ago

    The atmosphere was great, very hip/trendy, low lite inside and light outside. I ordered a meat and cheese spread which was amazing. Unfortunately I had a bad seafood plate.

  • Paul Rutland 423 days ago

    Went there for trapXart. Had a good vibe, dance if you want to!

  • Merisa M 511 days ago

    I have to say, I think the only reason why Slide ever gets any patrons is because most of their customers tried getting into Ruby Skye, but gave up on the wait. The club itself is ridiculously small. It's practically underneath Ruby Skye, so air circulation was non-existent. It was hot, packed, and absolutely ridiculous. I came here during a Girl's Weekend Trip to SF and had an absolutely miserable time at this club during a night of club hopping. The DJ SUCKEDDDD!! I don't know his DJ name, obviously because he's not important, but his choices in music were lame. I couldn't name a single song he played, not because I couldn't remember my night out, but because the music must have come from his own private library of stupid. On top of that, he couldn't mix to save his life and transitioning from one song to the next was so slow. you could literally go to the bar, wait for the bartender to notice you, order your drink, pay for your drink, then finish your drink, before the next song would come on. When one of my girlfriends tried to request a song he said no. But three songs later, some drunk skank almost knocked him over trying to request a song, and he played it. Furthermore, to make my night even worse, the male-folk at SF clubs are absolutely, 100% BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP BLEEPING PIGS! They think a group of girls going to a club in dresses and heels are easy targets. Guess what, we're not. So when one of us says no, don't try going to another one of us in the same group. On top of that, if we say no, no thank you, I don't want a drink, I don't want to dance with you, any form of N-O, it does not mean keep trying to change our mind. Our opinion of you is not going to change and we will probably think you're a jerk that doesn't speak English. SO, to end my rant, this club sucks. It's small, hot, lame, and probably one of the worst clubs I've ever been to.

  • Kimberly Weymer 904 days ago

    I went there during Christmas break and an amazing time with my group of friends! We had a reservation for bottle service and the whole experience was great. The service was fantastic and the staff were very friendly. We especially loved, Edgar, the bartender. The music was fun and energetic, and kept us dancing all night long. I will definitely be returning soon.

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