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(214) 747-6660

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411 Elm St Dallas, TX, 75202
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  • Bill Vallee 8 days ago

    Being 11 years old in New York on 11/22/63, I very well recall that day and carried a bad feeling about Dallas for decades. A recent visit to the city and this Museum helped me realize the good qualities of this city, and the Museum was a fine place to explore for an hour or so. Having grown up with a fascination of JFK and his history, the biographical pictures and few artifacts were not important (the JFK library in Boston is a better biographical source), but standing in the windows overlooking the street was truly moving. Worth a visit and of course walking around outside (the "grassy knoll") is incredible for those of a certain age.

  • Danny S 10 days ago

    Get an in-depth perspective of the JFK assassination in this well appointed museum. Staff is knowledgeable & friendly. Gift shop is filled with an array of gifts, souvenirs & collectibles covering many aspects of the Kennedy family and the eras they lived in. Overall an immensely satisfying experience.

  • Richard Longtin 16 days ago

    Great exhibit. It revolves mainly around the chronology that lead to the tragic murder of a beloved president, from this very place. Told with pictures, sound and video clips, the story begins with the rise of the political career: they build up the character of the victim so you can feel more for the event that took place here. And it ends with (conspiracy) theories as to who was really responsible for the murder. I liked it all a great deal, and so did my 8 y.o. nephews that kept asking (follow-up) questions. That in itself is a vibrant endorsement.

  • Benjamin Moore 36 days ago

    This was not what I expected when I first entered. It was way better. I loved how it was different from most museums. Everyone got their own set of head phones which was your tour guide. It felt like you had a one on one experience. You were able to take your time and really enjoy the whole experience.

  • Joy Wrona 70 days ago

    This place is awesome! More facts and information than one ever knew about that fateful day in our history. You can actually go and stand near where Lee Harvey Oswald stood and look out the window that he looked out of. (The actual spot in the book depository is blocked off, but you can still go near it.) Average time spent there was about 1 1/2 hours, but we could have spent more time. Very informative and educational! I highly recommend a stop if you are ever in the Dallas area.

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