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1 Veterans Pl Silver Spring, MD, 20910
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  • Envizion Photography 209 days ago

    The facility was quite nice. Lots of space and well used. I would go back for any event.

  • Andrew Stobie 259 days ago

    The space is great large and can be split in two I've been to two galas there and a maker Faire both were great. However the venue is underutilized and pretty darned pricey. If they could get it and the Plaza to work for weddings it could be nicer.

  • Nancy Portillo 913 days ago

    I cant wait for ROBLOX to come on Sep, 14

  • No Man's Sky Naturalist 1308 days ago

    Veterans Plaza and the Civic Center were apparently designed by architects from the old Soviet Union. Here they've managed to create a building that appeals to virtually no one. The outside space is hot in summer, cold in winter and the interior has impressive amounts of wasted space. As an ice rink in the winter months Veterans Plaza is okay, but the rest of the time it's virtually useless. Veterans Plaza and the Civic Center are annoying to access from the pedestrian area to the south because of the necessity of having to wait to cross Fenton St. As usual in Silver Spring, pedestrian traffic is subservient to motorized traffic and this puts the final nail in the coffin of this community building. The pedestrian areas around Ellsworth Avenue and Downtown Silver Spring to the south are still much better spaces for gatherings and events: they have the same weather issues as this place, but at least they look nice and have a sense of life about them.

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