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Silver Dollar

Chula Vista, CA

(619) 422-4381

Closed now
341 3rd Ave Chula Vista, CA, 91910
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  • Amy Bosler 10 days ago

    Friendly dive bar with pool tables and karaoke. Good place to watch sports with locals.

  • Steven Rohrer 19 days ago

    NEW REVIEW: It looks like this place has gotten new ownership and cleaned up. I was surprised to see this place looking so good after so many years of being such a bad dive. They'l have to keep it up and make lots of effort to turn their reputation around and earn those fourth and fifth stars, but definitely no longer deserve my previous 1 star review and the review I gave it before. OLD REVIEW***If you like your drinks with a side of hepatitis, this is the place for you. The place stinks to high hell and everything feels dirty. Their drinks taste like rubbing alcohol and flat, watery soda.***

  • Christian Limon 29 days ago

    My boi jose likes to hit up this spot for the cheap tall cans, entertainment, and loose women. Of course, he brings the worst out in people/places, so this place is actually not that bad (at least when he's not around). Really friendly staff and great location.

  • Jonathan Becerra 49 days ago

    Cool and chill place to hang out .bumped into some elementary school chums...always a pleasure to see friends from back in the day. Definitely a locals bar. Going back soon

  • Rachel Rohrer 101 days ago

    This place has long had a reputation as not only a dive bar, but a seedy and gross one at that. I used to hang out there a million years ago for karaoke, and I tried not to touch any surfaces for fear of a communicable disease. But they've got new management, and they're really looking up. Expanded their beer selection, pouring specialty cocktails, and most importantly, they cleaned the place! Like for reals cleaned. I'm ambitiously giving them four stars based on my ten minutes in there for Taste of Third the other day, but I think Silver Dollar might have a five star rating from me one day.

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