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240 Fox Tower Dr Mashantucket, CT, 06338
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  • Sean Campeau 17 days ago

    Awful experience. I have been to many clubs before but this place is badly setup with horrible sound, security and staff. All they care about is money. STAY AWAY. Go to Mohegan instead. The covercharge is like 30 bucks.

  • Jacob Poirier 21 days ago

    Absolute trash is the thought that comes to mind. Saw dillon francis here and my god he must of cried at the venue he got stuck playing. First off, the venue is laid out so poorly and can not accommodate the amazing shows that play here. Second it turns into a massive shove fest due to cramped, poor lay out. The sound was horrible, if you love edm youll cry felt like i was in my car listening to music. Security was throwing everyone out that was dancing and even saw them giving drugs to waitresses. Place is a dump with high cover charges avoid like the plague.

  • Elizabeth Peysakhov 40 days ago

    They do not care about their customers. All they care about is money. You are better off going to Mohegan Sun where they care about their customers.

  • Megan G 75 days ago

    I'm highly disappointed in Shrine. I've gone there multiple times before and have never encountered an issue like I did last night. We got into the club with no problem. My friend and I then had two shots each at the bar. Proceeded to dance and have a good time, just as everyone else was doing. Not even an hour into being there, we were pulled aside by security. Taken into a back room and hounded with questions. They wouldn't explain to us what we did wrong, or why we were there in the first place. Asked to speak to a manager, and she was unprofessional and beyond rude. We were asked to leave the club. I'm assuming because we were too intoxicated? I'd just like to know how they make that determination. And if I was too intoxicated, how did I manage to get into another bar 20 minutes later? Blows my mind. I will never return to this establishment. I'll take my money elsewhere. And I suggest you do the same.

  • Koliveira137 112 days ago

    Awful venue. Security staff and management are extremely rude and unpleasant. One big ripoff. Never in my life have I been kicked out of a club, I'm 30. If you dance here or have fun security takes you outside and gives you a sobriety test in the middle of the casino gaming floor. Extremely rude and distasteful. VIP vodka bottle was 50% water. Lights were awful. Funktionone sound system on low. Waste of money. Drive another hour and a half and go to NYC

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