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1941 W North Ave Chicago, IL, 60622
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  • Lucy Vine 175 days ago

    They did an awesome job recreating the diner from the show. Food was okay, but had a great time!

  • Daniel Virtue 204 days ago

    Lots of fun. Very nostalgic and the food was surprisingly really good. Chicken and Waffles delicious.

  • Stephanie Huang 222 days ago

    Formerly Geek Bar. Great place to hang out with other nerds and eat/drink, play some video games or board games.

  • Robin Mordini 336 days ago

    There was not enough staff to cover the floor on a busy Friday night. As a result, I couldn't get everything I needed at my table and I ended up ordering 1 less drink than I would have. The server did get mad at me for asking for condiments and said he could not bring them for a long time which they never did until after we checked out and got up to leave. Had to ask for a to go box. The games have to be rented and are not free to play which was the draw of the place. It's uncertain if you can bring your own games. If you buy a Coke you can just stay there all night so no one else can get a table. The grilled cheese had cheese on the inside, on top, and the sides. I love a lot of cheese and this was too much but some people liked it. It's a little small overall so it's awkward to play on the video game couches. They had 1 tv/projector screen which was off.

  • Craig Citro 466 days ago

    As a self proclaimed geek I appreciate what they're trying to do here. The environment is good, the themed menu is great, and even the food was tasty. However, when I went, they had serious seating and staffing issues. It makes it hard to enjoy when you can't easy get in, find a seat with your friends, or get service.

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