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SETI Institute

Mountain View, CA

(650) 961-6633

Open now
189 N Bernardo Ave Mountain View, CA, 94043
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  • rahul ranjan 73 days ago

    They are doing something

  • Juice Man 157 days ago

    Name is juice I owner of planet... Looking for job 50$an hour I can move as long as its safe 😎💎🐦 you would save my life. Real name Christian Lora Garibay.

  • David Chkhenkeli 299 days ago

    This is a place of wonders. From 1997 when the movie "Contact" came out till now I wish to get involved in that great research. I was 15 years old when I saw that movie first time. Now I'm 31 years old. I don't have work permit in US, because I live in Georgia. I would give my all to be with you. To study and work for the humanity. In 1977 when the Voyager 1 was sent in outerspace, there was a massage written on golden disc for extraterritorial intelligence and in the musical composition from all around the world there was a Georgian song called "Chakrulo" wich was named under Soviet Union (because Georgia was the part of the Soviet Union in 1977). I am proud of that and I want to dedicate my whole life to Search for extraterritorial Intelligence. If you give me just one chance I will do impossible, I will sacrifice my whole energy and passion.

  • Alphamatrix 830 days ago

    OK . Till now all of us have dreamed about finding only ADVANCED - LIFE forms in space. How about my theory ? We Live in an Universe Where there are Billions of Galaxies all around us. There may be some life forms so advanced that you can't just detect them. You may be surprised ,but as far as i think there is presence of ALIEN LIFE somewhere in our solar system . They are so Super-Advanced that they manage to hide from our finest technology. OR it may be like they are Billions of years behind us, at a primitive stage and they are so minute that our satellites Or telescopes can't detect them. But believe me , they exist .

  • Peter Silva 1856 days ago

    Mr. Seth Shostak you're much more intelligent than that. You mentioned we are the new kids on the block but yet you speak of intelligent life in the universe ( IF ) there is life not as intelligent as us on Earth. Example if you have been writing to a girl with NO address and you keep writing for two decades hoping that someday she will answer you but, then you hear of people good people having an experience and seeing a UFO like my mom, myself and you laugh at us, why is this coming from supposedly a credible institution like SETI. Seeing you on television makes me not want to listen to you. Please respect all the people who have seen objects that can't be explained. Pilots, Police, Farmers in many countries have had the experience themselves. If your radio telescopes can manage to catch a flying duck please let us know. I hope that taxpayer dollars are not being use but if you are doing business for the CIA i understand. Thank you Peter

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