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245 Cheat Rd Morgantown, WV, 26508
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  • Bryan Scott 59 days ago

    Good food and seen some great bands play here. Seen Saving Abel, Nonpoint, and met one of my new favorites Another Lost Year here. Only complaint is the frequency of bands I enjoy. I've went from visiting twice a week to hear bands to maybe a year passing before going again. Have never been able to estimate the popularity of the venue either. Nights i expect to be crowded for a big band, the place may be empty. Other nights, I've seen the place so packed you couldn't move.

  • B Brew 61 days ago

    Wonderful place! Fantastic food and the service was superb. Really cool atmosphere. I highly recommend this place!

  • Douglas Jones 66 days ago

    Food is always decent here. Beer selection is kind of lacking. Liquor drinks are always decent. They always get great bands here. Sound quality is VERY good compared to other venues.

  • Tina Hardisky 122 days ago

    Owen(the owner&former football player) tends to hang around. He's a really nice guy, runs a great business. The fried pepperoni rolls, beer truck burger and steak are all delicious. I'd suggest the bfg wings to anyone visiting for the first time. AMAZING COBBLER!!!

  • Matthew.SandRaya Hetrick 152 days ago

    We were here for the weekend, for a concert. From the minute we walked in the bouncer had a major attitude problem. The waitress had checked us 2 times when we first walked in the door within 5 minutes of each other but after that she never checked us again. After the concert was finished we were informed that it turned into 21+ and after our pictures with the band we would have to leave. Which was completely understandable, and we let them know we understood. The bouncer then stood directly behind us which made us extremely uncomfortable, and anxious, so we left. we never got our pictures with the band and he pretty much escorted us out. We felt like other than the band it was THE WORST 35$ WE EVER SPENT. Only 2 employees out of the whole place that made us feel welcomed. We will never go back here, we recommend a customer service course for their employees.

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