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96 Lafayette St New York, NY, 10013
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  • Eileen Ayala 181 days ago

    I only went once. Jackets were not allowed inside. Extra $4 to leave jacket in designated area.

  • Nick / Greg 285 days ago

    Bartenders and especially the coat check people behave extremely rude to the customers. The other customers were interesting and it was easy to talk to them and have a good time, even after being frustrated by the staff.

  • Bree Sands 332 days ago

    Absolutely horrible. Mandatory coat check 4$. Only let in with an ID. Staff tried to steal items out of my bookbag. Security left the door open and let people in and out. Whats the point of checking people when they come in but not checking them when they go outside then come back in? Sound quality was terrible. Each set played at this one particular show I went to had sound problems and their mics and amps stopped working between songs. Lighting was terrible. The one thing I liked was the couches and the big pink disco ball in the main room. This place is way too cramped. They should not have the merch tables right next to the bathroom and the coat check there was no room to get around. Overall terrible experience and not worth the money.

  • Nana Boateng 375 days ago

    Santos is a great place to party. The air condition is always working and the speakers sound great. The VIP placements are also pretty awesome as well.

  • DarkstarRunner 421 days ago

    Doors were supposed to open at 6pm, and did not open until 8. After my bag check I was sent downstairs with several other people for what they made us think was a mandatory $4 coat check. Turns out it wasn't, and when I went back to get my coat after noticing that everyone else upstairs had theirs, the little girl working there insisted it was indeed mandatory, and that "they'd start sending people down here", and wouldn't return it to me. The bathrooms are as dark as the venue itself, so I couldn't tell if they were clean or not. I was barely out of the stall and not even to the sink when the attendant was on top of me with soap and paper towels. Way too pushy, and definitely not necessary for a small concert hall. Just another way to get extra $. Only good thing is that the speakers were weak enough that I didn't have to wear ear plugs.

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