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Santa Cruz Friends Meeting

Santa Cruz, CA
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225 Rooney St Santa Cruz, CA, 95065
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  • Nicole Glazier 179 days ago

    My first time going to this place was a little scary at first because the group is so large but I soon begun to feel welcomed once I got over my fear & talked with others who were happy to introduce themselves to me.

  • Peg Popken 321 days ago

    Spiritual center.

  • Deborah Ross 343 days ago

    A haven of Quaker peace and wisdom in these troubled times. Kindred spirits seeking social justice from the still, sure prompting of the Spirit.

  • David Coats 448 days ago

    Very friendly congregation, well laid-out building, well-planned memorial service

  • Fredflinstone Flinstone 787 days ago

    I like their commitment to honesty. They don't judge what you say as long as you are honest. This is a place where. I can feel as comfortable as I possibly can. They also get involved with politics 10and believe in human equality and helping people who are suffering. Often they open their doors for the warming center which give homeless people shelter on cold or rainy nights. My only wish is that they knew more about the fema camps and the NWO plans. I also wish they knew about the torture and human trafficing over the internet done by local and federal governments. I wish they could see my pain but I know it's hard to since the government's brag about being the only ones who can spot their victims. They can't believe it because it's so unfathomable. If they knew I'm sure they would help. I wish they knew because I believe they would help more than any other group I know. Thank you for your honesty Quaker friends

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