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Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital

Santa Barbara, CA

(805) 682-7111

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400 W Pueblo St Santa Barbara, CA, 93105
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  • Susan Snider 69 days ago

    My friend's child was in PICU and then was transferred to the Pediatric unit when he was a little better, but not good enough to go home. I spent a lot of time there with him and his mom, and the nurses, physicians, physical therapists and everybody who came in the room were pleasant, friendly and informative. My recent experience with my own child at a large children's hospital in Los Angeles was not near as positive.

  • Dave L 252 days ago

    I was admitted through the downtown Santa Barbara emergency room and generally my care was very good. However, when you go to this hospital which is likely to be an in-network provider with your insurance company, you should be concerned with the physicians working in the emergency room. They are likely not in network, and you will have no idea until the bills start coming. Cottage contracts their emergency physicians services, and in my case, South Coast Emergency Medical Group was not an in-network provider with United Healthcare (which is odd since I believe it is the largest private insurance carrier in the nation.) When I called Cottage, they told me someone would respond to my inquiries, they sent me a letter saying they would, but they never did. I called another time to their administration and was told that's the way it is, and even she had to pay these kind of bills. I have since learned this billing process, known as emergency room balance billing is illegal in some states, but not in California. After spending half a life time on this problem, I got my insurance company to pay it all, but Cottage needs to negotiate better contracts, and own up to this problem.

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