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San Francisco Public Library

San Francisco, CA

(415) 557-4400

Closed now

(415) 557-4400

Closed now
100 Larkin St San Francisco, CA, 94102
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  • Peter Song 5 days ago

    Super huge place. Has 7 floors. Bathroom only on the first floor. Extensive collection of books and resources. Definitely recommend for studying or personal activities

  • Michael Hampton 31 days ago

    San Francisco Public Library has a wealth of information and books about everything that one would desire to read, research, browse, take a class on and so much more. Even a free Movie screening. And much much more.

  • Brandon Nash 51 days ago

    The single restroom on the first floor of a six story Building is an architectural joke. And it is a joke in extremely bad taste, and should have never made it beyond the preliminary design phase. Should never have made it into the prelim design. Come on. It is a functional monstrosity, although beautiful- but wasn't designed for humans, maybe bots.

  • Avish Shah 83 days ago

    Awesome library, main branch at the heart of the city. Pros: 1. Very helpful staff 2. Wonderful infrastructure 3. Huge Variety of books collection 4. As a silicon valley, also have technological department. 5. Special events to join 6. Nearby public transport available Cons: 1. Nearby homeless people may cause safety issue around. But security is great inside library. Tips: There are 20+ libraries inside the city, you can always go to nearby location. - You can only use Pencil as per policy.

  • Matthew Clark 117 days ago

    Great Library - I needed to get a bunch of work done while I was staying in the area, so I set up in here each day with my laptop. Good wifi, great space to work in. Homeless people are not a problem. If you can't handle it - maybe you should have a good hard think about your privileges. What a fabulous resource a library is for everyone.

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