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5500 Campanile Drive San Diego, CA, 92182
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  • Lyrically Combined 1 day ago

    This campus has all you need as a student in its vacinity. #Combinations #PeanutButterMobb #PBMobb

  • Name Password 10 days ago


  • Facepalmsareus 10 days ago

    The cops are everywhere and have nearly ran me over in the bike lane while skateboarding a few times but other than that it's a great school.

  • Irasema Ferrel 20 days ago

    The best 4 years of my life!!!!! Aztec for life! The staff was very friendly and helpful :)

  • Nikki C. Roccafella 90 days ago

    1995-2001. Yes, notoriously known as a party school, and for good reasons (like the on campus pub, Monty's, where i would meet up with a professor or 2 for a one hour appointment-dont kno if its still there, was when i was attending). Regardless, SDSU is a very good school and very economical in comparison to other universities. I think the Professors at SDSU (in all fairness please keep in mind I attended this school a little over 15 yrs ago..damn in old) were all very good and encouraging. From my Surfing 101 class to Geology to Film to Environmental Science...Keep in mind this is a very large school with a large student population (roughly about 33,000-34,000 students). San Diego is a beautiful city, a fantastic place to live, and San Diegans are friendly, energetic, fun and great people overall. San Diego is home to SDSU, UC San Diego and USD. All 3 are fine schools though very different from one another in terms of size (campus size and student population) , whether public/private universities, teacher to student ratio, impacted majors which could extend 4 years to 5 years ( when i attended the average student graduated in 5 years or longer due to impacted majors- although many didnt seem to mind the extra time) semesters or quarter system, tuition, comes down to this- if a student wants to attend a University to study to become whatever it is they would like to become when they grow up, they can and will achieve their goal no matter what University they end up attending, party school or not.

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