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San Diego Central Library

San Diego, CA

(619) 236-5800

Closed now
330 Park Blvd San Diego, CA, 92101
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  • David Brubaker 39 days ago

    I go to this library many times a month. It is filled with so many special things that you will have to go to their website to see what might specifically interest you. The top things that I find special are the 8th floor atrium and the 9th floor deck. I am a photographer and have taken many pictures here under different lighting conditions. Architecturally, the building is very interesting. It is not your typical library of marble, stainless steel and glass but built with the concept of providing information about how the building works and a sense of the building being active and not complete which is what gaining knowledge over a lifetime is about. The building shows its beauty in feeding the curiosity and thirst for knowledge of the observer as they explore each level. There is a special elevator setup that kids really enjoy. The only negative consequence of its downtown location is a large population of homeless people that try to make themselves at home causing frequent maintenance issues. I encourage everyone to visit and do not miss the eighth and ninth floors

  • M J 105 days ago

    Great new library! Kudos San Diego, it was well worth the wait! Love the top floor museum's collections, outside dining and the 'Bird's nest' like, dome architecture. I look forward to more local art work to come.

  • Alexis Leftridge 156 days ago

    good library but there is one thing id like to address. I was stopped by a security guard saying I'm not allowed to bring a blanket inside even though its for my infant son who is in a stroller and we walk home and the weather is cold, but its policy for nobody to bring blankets. There needs to be an exception for babies and children. But other than that its a nice library.

  • Jerod Hanes 165 days ago

    That place is a library?! Not! There are books. Lots of them. There are places to read the books. Lots of places to read books. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. However, I couldn't get to the card catalog with out being asked if i wanted to buy drugs, have sex, or if i could help someone in need. There is a nice art gallery at the top floor. Not a single clean chair in the place. It reminds me of NYC during the 1970's. Come on San Diego! Clean that place up or tear it down.

  • charles chiles 177 days ago

    I just thought that I would drop by the San Diego Central Library, "to see what condition it's condition was in," since I've heard so much about it over the last couple of years. It is an architectural wonder ; simply beautiful! They have "study rooms" that you can check out for a couple of hours however, sometimes there is a wait ; WI-FI, a 3-D printing lab, computers and books galore on every floor! Each floor is very uniquely designed ; you can usually find your own "quiet" space. The "dome" is beautiful during the early evening hours, especially about two hours after sunset. The only downside are the "homeless street people" ; I saw one half-asleep and he was reading his book upside down. There are just too many of them in the surrounding area ; it's easier to take the trolley to Barnes and Nobel, near Hazard Center, where I can feel at ease and not worry about anything. The staff are very knowledgeable and helpful too.

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