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San Andreas Regional Center

Campbell, CA

(408) 374-9960

Closed now
300 Orchard City Dr # 170 Campbell, CA, 95008
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  • Neal Folsom 41 days ago

    This is a great place for the Development Disability people to live Independently.

  • PA Hamilton 77 days ago

    A wonderful organization that handles many concerns of parents for their developmental disabled children

  • Stephan Lussier 232 days ago

    Beautiful new center. Personnel was very friendly.

  • Mauricio Hernandez 255 days ago

    Horrible service, The staff doesn't bother to check the paper work or court orders. They give Ill advise and if you are cunning you could possibly scam them.

  • Vik C 383 days ago

    Some staff are sometimes dumbasses. Case: They wanted to wash a soiled linen full of human feces in the washer separated from other linen with hot water. Multiple times as needed. And disinfect the unit multiple times as needed. Problem: There are 4 other clients that uses the washer plus the people that are live-in care providers. Common sense. You dont know what kind of remmants of the feces are still in the washer and dryer no matter how much cleaning you have done. Wouldnt be easier to just throw it away and buy new ones. These people arent the ones that takes the client to hospitals when they get sick. They are actually going to blame you for it. What a joke. Maybe next time I will save those soiled linen and have it laundered at their own units.

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