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Salvage Bar & Lounge

Los Angeles, CA
717 W 7th St Los Angeles, CA, 90017
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  • Nancy Raad 377 days ago

    The decor is nice but that doesn't matter after the terrible service we received from the bartenders. I celebrated my bday there and had about 40 people attend. You have to wait 30 min to get a drink, according to all my guuests. The bartenders suck and the bartender guy didn't wash his hands after he used the restroom. Also, he drinks off of your drink. He also grabs the ice with his bare hands and mixes it with his fingers. I sent an email to the manager and he hasn't replied back. They need better bartenders... two thumbs down!

  • Jose Soto 459 days ago

    Is a great place to have a drink and just chill. Good music, good people, and great atmosphere. The service is always great and friendly.

  • Jeff 462 days ago

    Love that they removed the wall to the smoking area. This was a huge improvement. They are still way way way over priced... come on.. it's $9 for a beer. What is wrong with you?? What intelligent person would buy more than 1 beer at $9. I don't remember what the price of a drink was because they were so over priced I about blew a fuse trying to comprehend how they stay in business. I guess they feel they make 3 times profit from 1 person on getting 1 drink... and if that person orders a second drink they feel they must have hit the lottery... this is not Mastroes... this is a divey hipster bar called Salvage with over priced drinks. Mastreos is a much better deal and atmosphere. If you want a business crowd they need to lower their prices. Business people don't overspend or buy more than 1 over priced drink. Business people will buy many normal priced drinks and keep coming back and bring their friends. But over paying is not a businessperson thing. Over paying is a hipster thing. I guess the $15 dollar minimum wage must cause them to staff less so they don't want that many customers. If they can make as much profit from only a few customers and have less staff that must be a win for them.

  • Brian Ernst 508 days ago

    Drinks are low quality, overly sweet to cover up terrible mix. Music is too loud. There are better bars to go to in the area.

  • Jeannette G. 781 days ago

    I was really pumped up about this place because I am a little of a nerd when it comes to interior decoration and architecture. As the name suggests Salvage is adorned with fixtures acquired from other establishments. Their use of lighting was great as well as the large Georgian period painting on the right wall - because of its condition it almost looks like a fresco. The drinks are OK. Service is quick when it comes to drinks. But, their small bites menu is wanting. I ordered chips and salsa - REMEMBER WHEN CHIPS AND SALSA WERE FREE!!! at $5. The server asked me to pay her first before she brought out the chips - Really? Then, it took her about 20 minutes to brink the chips and salsa out - which were good by the way, but the portion was the amount that you would get from two fun size bag of chips.

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