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Saltana Cave, LLC

Ridgefield, CT

(203) 969-4327

Open now

(203) 969-4327

Open now
590 Danbury Rd Ridgefield, CT, 06877
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  • Patricia Lesyk 64 days ago

    Deeply relaxing experience, with great health benefits as a bonus... very professional service; owner Anna is very knowledgeable, and will answer any of your questions kindly and patiently. I would highly recommend this place ...

  • Tiff F 74 days ago

    First let me say, the front end woman was truly kind and explained everything and made sure we were comfortable. However, I was surprised with how small the actual space was and it felt underwhelming especially after driving over an hour. I have to agree with someone else, that the price was okay based off the Groupon exclusive but I would not pay full price for this activity. However, it was relaxing until one other patron started snoring loudly after falling asleep. It completely woke me up and was obnoxious hearing this woman sound like she was slaughtering a horse. They should invest in more speakers or wireless headphones to give to everyone so that one person isn't ruining the experience for everyone. Also, a second bathroom would've been nice but due to the space, I can see why that was not possible. Bathroom and the space was very clean but I do wish we had had more time to sink our feet into the salt, very relaxing as well. I felt my sinuses clear up and I'm not sure if it was entirely possible but my skin felt so soft when I left there so I definitely can attest to some benefits. It's a good event if you don't have to pay full price but to come to a place to relax only to deal with someone snoring loudly was a disappointment. I would recommend it as a one and done sort of activity.

  • Laura D 86 days ago

    The woman working there was kind. The cave and the experience was hokey, though. A blower gets turns on somewhere shortly after getting settled in your chair, which you hear the entire time. There was a very long introduction on the speaker about salt caves and its history. Seemed to really cut into the time you're supposed to be relaxing. After the intro was music, which didn't seem to stick to any particular theme. You had strings, then some native drumming, then waves... felt all over the place, and a bit louder than expected. The red emergency exit sign and the light coming through under the door detracted from the ambiance they were going for, but I get it... safety codes. Was looking forward to at least a picture inside but no cameras are allowed they say, however, I do see photos online from yoga classes, so... I got a Groupon deal but otherwise I'd never pay for this.

  • Trikaldarshi Persaud 99 days ago

    The salt cave created by the proprietor Anna is a truly unique experience that I would recommend to everyone. The spa itself is very immaculately maintained and Anna is very knowledgeable about the body and the health benefits of the pink salt and has created the perfect environment. The circulating salt air, the soft glowing lights in the cave, the simulated starry night, and the tons of salt under your feet transport your body and mind to peaceful and healing plane. You will leave feeling refreshed and energized. During the week, other activities are hosted in the cave as well. Yoga in the cave was fantastic! If you're on the fence or looking for something new to try, I definitely would say, go for it!

  • Andrew B 128 days ago

    Anna and the Saltana Cave in Ridgefield are the most healing and restorative parts of my week. Anna is extremely knowledgeable about health and wellness of the physical and mental parts of the human body and spirit. The health benefits of the Himalayan salt cave she runs are numerous. I have gone consistently once a week for 6 months to date and will continue to do so indefinitely as it has made a strong and positive impact on my health and well being. We are so lucky to have Saltana Cave in CT and would recommend everyone go and enjoy this wonderful gem! Maxine

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