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Salsa Con Fuego

Bronx, NY

(718) 561-6161

Closed now
2297 Cedar Ave Bronx, NY, 10468
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  • Karen Thompson 17 days ago

    Let me start by saying that the music and energy there was AMAZING...on a Thursday!! We had reservations for dinner. The food was good, but I didn't like the hurry up feeling after we finished eating. It was like, we have other people behind you waiting to be served, but they catered to the birthday parties. So I was mixed.

  • Seth Elle 29 days ago

    The atmosphere is wonderful food is cheap I think you get value for your money here. It's a very nice environment to chill and enjoy and let loose. The food taste very good

  • Lelia Green 29 days ago

    I go because I love the 2 for 1 drinks. It’s a nice looking place. Most times the food had been good. However the inconsistency is starting to weigh on my decision to continue going. One Thursday you get checked the other you don’t. You are thrown out of chairs at the bar so harshly by not so nice manager. Because it’s 8:00. They take your pens Very Unclear!! Get a policy and stick to it. You can be a #1-4Star but the back and fourth sometime attitude. Playing the I don’t speak English so I’m not going to answer your question is not helping your reputation.

  • Fitzgerald Figueroa 52 days ago

    Is it a club or a restaurant? Because it's having trouble trying to be both. This place has a fun Latin vibe that sounds great from outside but once you're in, it's far from entertaining. We came as a very large group WITH reservations, however when we arrived we were told that our group could not sit together. We were split up into two separate tables on completely different sides of the room. The wait staff came promptly but the food was far from tasty. I ordered something simple I'm the hopes that it would come out quickly and to my specifications. Generally I'm not a stickler for these kinds of things, but if you ask me how I want my burger and I tell you medium, it should come out medium or medium well. My burger came out very well done and dry. Not only that but from ordering to service took more than an hour. The club portion was fun but I was in such a grumpy mood from not eating that I couldn't really enjoy myself. That and the children that were seated across from me while I tried to drink my alcohol at 12:30AM. This place needs new management and policies. I don't need a 10 year old staring at me while my date grinds on me to reggaeton. Figure your stuff out Salsa con Fuego. Be a restaurant or be a club. But you clearly can't be both.

  • Angelita Negrita 59 days ago

    The place was set up nice. We got front row seats. The food was abundance. The drinks buy one get one before 7pm was great. The comedic talent was on fire D l huegly

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