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Rustic Goat Eatery & Lounge

St. Louis, MO

(314) 371-4031

Open now

(314) 371-4031

Open now
2617 Washington Ave St. Louis, MO, 63103
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  • Bartell Keithley 84 days ago

    Amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing. David and Darius Chapman are truly welcoming. This place is the epitome of design. The concepts are beyond practical. The venue is nothing less than spectacular and the new staff seem to have a desire for great service. There is no need for me to add "fluff" to my review...Believe me when I say that I came from Chicago and was floored with beauty that I have never seen in any other restaurant in or out of the United States.

  • Shawn Harvick 134 days ago

    Usually go on Sundays. While good, the music could stand to be turned down a little. I would like to be able to hold a conversation while eating.

  • Anthony Bowers 136 days ago

    Very very disappointed!!!!!!!!I had my wedding rehearsal dinner there on 9/3/16 and the service and food was around a 2 on a scale from 1-10. The dinner was supposed to start at 5pm but the food didn't come out till almost 7pm. We had the event planned for 30 people and we only had 26 and ran out of food. I kept asking the chef if he was going to prepare more food and we even offered to pay for more food but he was out of ingredients. The waitress was not readily available when we needed her. We asked for more water and her answer was I just put more water out. Keep in mind one of the dishes that we had was shrimp and jalepeno pizza so one pitcher of water was hardly enough for 26 people. When I heard of the establishment having issues with their liquor license and the owner going to jail I should have went with my first mind and had our rehearsal dinner at Rosalita's Cantina but I was trying to give certain businesses a chance. Overall the food was okay at best and the service was horrible. I was really embarrassed that I had guests come from out of town and there was not enough food prepared to feed them all. If you even think about having an event at this restaurant I suggest you seek out other options!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shanda Beth 244 days ago

    Last year was great but this year prices are higher and you have to pay at the door, $35 for brunch. Staff was slow or uninterested in our group. Food was mediocre, won't be back.

  • Charles Peebles 248 days ago

    The hostess was insanely rude. This place is for locals and liberals do not go here if you are from out of state. The food could be really good but take your business to a place that acutally wants it. If the owner is reading this hire a friendly hostess, they are the face of your business and she gives your restaurant a black eye. God bless the lower 48 where people are friendly and welcoming.

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