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2715 Buford Hwy NE Atlanta, GA, 30305
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  • Raymond Sosa 2 days ago

    Theirs SMOKING of cigarettes, too many young immature kids. Don't be surprised if you hear gun shots in from the lounge from the parking lot..... I sure did. 😶😐👎🏽

  • Stephen Jones 81 days ago

    Great Saturday night fun! The music is always bangin, Iris usually has known headliners every weekend. I sometimes go every weekend

  • Michael Coleman 168 days ago

    Its just the place for a sunday and tuesday night.

  • Dolyn Duckett 208 days ago

    To start, Iris day has the best main stage setup by providing a laser filled atmosphere. I take my wife to be (Nina Kuei) here when we want to people watch. We pay for the White VIP area which is small but has the best seat in the tiny club. We met the man behind the laser's Joseph Dillard. He was professional and very welcoming. Maddy and Glen Goodhand on the other hand, are the worst people I have ever dealt with. They do not take criticism well, their customer service is horrible, and they do not refund money, even if you have photo-evidence to prove your case. I had a dispute with the Goodhand's that ultimately went to the credit card company, where I prevailed. To be clear, Iris is the best bang for your buck. However, if you do go, pay with a credit card and document anything that goes down/wrong by taking pictures or video with your smartphone. White VIP is nice but gets oversold and overrun as the night picks up. We go early and sit for about an hour or two, dance, and then go home. To reiterate, it's okay until you run into a problem. TO HAVE A CAREFREE GOOD TIME, PAY WITH A CREDIT CARD AND TRY NOT TO DEAL WITH THE GOODHANDS.

  • Koas Nova 252 days ago

    You say the club opens at 10 but u hold the line till 11 bad for business

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