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Rumor Nightclub

Philadelphia, PA

(215) 988-0777

Closed now
1500 Sansom St Philadelphia, PA, 19102
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  • Shannon Graves 13 days ago

    Nice place. Good music. Drinks OK. Two pineapple and vodkas (bottom shelf) 17 bucks. In small glasses. Blah!

  • Jay H 25 days ago

    Great spot went with a group of 20 to the VIP section. One thing I didn't like was you couldn't sit inside the VIP section. Unless you bought bottle service. Which made nonsense when we all was buying drinks.

  • thomas DeFinnis 38 days ago

    I Love the music! These guys bring in the talent week after week! Have been for years, Always a fun night out!

  • Jon David 76 days ago

    I come here occasionally and find my self to have a good time with friends everyone I go. However, I always have difficulty getting in even though I always come in with a guest list. The bouncers and security guards seem to have a high preference for women, which is fine since many bouncers are like that but that doesn't mean that they should treat every male guest terribly. It is never a smooth process. Other than that, I recommend it for a good night out to dance.

  • Chris C 177 days ago

    Great time, good music, exciting atmosphere. Still needs a few changes to be better. First, you can't allow people to smoke cigarettes inside when everyone is drinking. A lot of people I went with starting feeling nauseous and wanted to leave because we were in a cloud of cigarette smoke all night. Second, they should have drink specials earlier in the night to encourage people to go before 1am. I got there at 11:30 only to realize that it was me and 4 other people.

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