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Boston, MA

(617) 338-7699

Closed now
279 Tremont St Boston, MA, 02116
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  • Riku Xiong 15 days ago

    The place was nice. The bouncer were ok (they did their job) but the bartenders especially one gal (said her name was Lisa) she was horrible. A friend of mine bought 3 shots but her card was supposedly declined then I used my card to pay for the drinks and it was declined as well (I clearly had over 1000 dollars in my checking at the time). I had to demand for my card back which after telling the bartender a few time she finally gave me back my card. My friend couldn't get her card back until the drinks were paid. A different friend used her card and it went through but the bartender never gave her card back only the friend that order the drinks got hers back. I think this place tries to steal people's card and charge them with a bunch of things they never order. The next day I was charged $75 dollars when my card supposedly declined. Also my two friend had a bunch of transactions, the one that her card went through was charged over $100 for 3 shots of patron. Seriously, with how much they charge us, we could've bought how many bottles already. We came from out of state too. Stay Away From This Place!

  • Neng Vue 17 days ago

    My girls and I came from out of town and I cannot believe that the bartender, Lisa was sooo rude. My friend card got denied and she did about 15 transaction on just one transaction for no reason. She then refuse to give back her card and when I gave my card to her to pay for it, she never gave it back. Later when I saw a red card on their counter (I have a Wells Fargo card, which Boston don't have Wells Fargo btw) she told me that it's not my card and refuse to even show the card. She took no effort to look for it or to assure me that it WASN'T my card. And then when I look at my account later, it was charged $135 for only the 3 shots. I am beyond angry and sad that she pick certain groups and people to cheat off of. I'm in the middle of filing a claim to them because this is ridiculous.

  • Michael McGuire 29 days ago

    Went for a concert. Venue was clean and had a very cool look and feel. Staff was friendly and professional. Drinks were pricey but reasonable for the area. Floor is small with some seating around the sides and in the back. There is a balcony with seating as well, but the show I attended didn't fill up enough for anyone to warrant getting off the floor

  • Kamille Parker 36 days ago

    I've been not for the club, but for a concert thus everything was cleared out. There was only standing room on the lower level with the exception of one or two seats in the back. Up top where I happened to find myself had more seating. Honestly I've been to better venues, but it was okay. Drinks were pricey and they actually charged me a dollar more looking back at my statement a few days ago. They have the capability of having good lighting.

  • Thomas Haas 38 days ago

    I've been twice so far, for concerts on both occasions. The entrance, stairways, lobby and main floor area are all beautiful. For concerts, it's an outstanding mid-sized venue with a roughly square floor plan. The sound quality for concerts is great overall.

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