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Washington, DC

(202) 955-5525

Closed now
1215 Connecticut Avenue Washington, DC, 20036
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  • Raia Tompkins 11 days ago

    This place is trashy, classless and unorganized. My friend had her birthday here tonight. We were moved to three different VIP areas and the last area was crowded, double booked, and the bouncy consistently man handled all the ladies in my party. We arrived at 12am and didn’t get seated until 1:30. The event planner was not prepared and had very little information to give us concerning reservation which is surprising with all the money that was spent between my party. This is it for me. This is the worst establishment I’ve ever been in. The the experience I expected to have was horrible. Please close this club down now, I don’t see this company being in business very long!

  • UrWorldsFuture NO BS 360 Media Group 22 days ago

    $40 Cover on a Sunday Night .......ok may be Holiday weekend. Maybe Im cheap. Maybe it was packaged...or maybe it's just ridiculous door charges to get in and pay high prices for drinks. They typically don't have lines tbh but last night long line Seen the bouncer get aggressive (while the young man regained calm) with someone who had just left out and trying to show his stamp to re-enter and the. Bkucer. I said let me step out line. I have been inside when there was no cover so they are entry free sometimes but staff are rather tense and short. Expensive drink alert definitely of or about $20. At Rosebar You can have a good time on a good night but it's going to be because thats what you made it, and good day for them. Idk Not a must go spot for me, and even less after last night cover price.

  • Lyn'ay B 24 days ago

    Drinks are overpriced and watered down, no seating unless you buy a table/bottle service, the table pricing/bottle service varies per waitress you ask, and I could never get a definite price. The staff is very polite. The bartenders serve drinks in lace bras, high waist panties or shorts, and fishnet pantyhose. All of them were fair skin and ambiguous. Not one of the bottle service girls looked African American or Latina! They were borderline rude and outright dismissive if you're not a man or tipping. The dance floor area is tight and narrow. Although they have 3 bar areas, again the drinks are small, overpriced, and weak. The rooftop area is trash, all you see is other buildings around or the backsides of raggedy buildings next to the building. The crowd was mixed with some being from Howard U. Most of the people were standing around watching others, watching folks in VIP, or trying to get into VIP. This had to be the most ackward, weird, and money hungry place I have experienced in D.C.

  • Tiffany Lopez 24 days ago

    Recently went to the Rosebar Lounge after being referred there from a Sales Associate at YSL. My guests and I got in with no issues and went straight to the Rooftop section. Very Chic out door setting; crowded but fun. Music was great! Drinks were great! Ended up in the roped VIP section because my friend knew someone with bottle service... Typical club scene... I'm not a basketball fan but my friends were excited to see some player at one of the tables. We danced and had a blast! I'll be back to D.C. for my friends bday and I recommended this spot as a turn up option. Go with the intention to dance and have a blast not standing looking cute or ppl watching and you'll have a good time.

  • Naomia Suggs-Brigety 45 days ago

    Next time I will trust the Yelp reviews. My friends and I went for the Cinco de Mayo day party just to catch up and hangout. Half of the the appeal was the rooftop party. Unfortunately most of to was roped off for VIP tables. When we inquired about getting a table the bouncer said they were all reserved even though it was halfway through the party and 2/3 of them were empty. The poor dj just couldn't seem to feel the mood of the crowd or decide on whether or not he wanted to play slow jams, throwback hip hop or newer music as he kept hoping from one to the other. On the upside the drinks were strong and cheap.

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