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Rose Bowl Stadium

Pasadena, CA
1001 Rose Bowl Dr Pasadena, CA, 91103
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  • Dilip Kumar Kacher 6 days ago

    Went for the 4th July event and like the stadium, stadium is big and hold good crowds. It have parking space but not enough for very big crowd. Staff for event was good and support to locate the designated area, utilities. Events outside the stadium was also good. The history of the stadium is good.

  • supersig140 18 days ago

    The grand daddy of them all. The history at the Rose Bowl is unmatched. Recent upgrades to the stadium have gone a long way. Getting in and out of there and parking is always an issue. If you can take the shuttle down to the Bowl, that is the way to go. The shuttle is often free and has its own lane to get in and out.

  • Jeremy Espinoza 42 days ago

    This venue, when going to concerts, is definitely not the best one if you're trying to be on the stands. Overall, it's a pretty flat stadium compared to even Dodgers stadium. This place has its years but can be given a good hand on maintenance soon. Sporting events are perfect here. From football to soccer when available, great venue.

  • Karl Hernandez 43 days ago

    Great place to bring children. I leaned how to ride my first bicycle here when I was little in 1991 and am now teaching my son the same. The 3 mile track is great exercise and there are plenty of spotting events on weekends. Vendors are also available for concession sales at fair prices.

  • Gilbert Rosas 60 days ago

    I asked one of the prayer team partners approx. How many people came to Christ tonight? She said she Didn't know, there were many lounge chairs blocking people from going forth so they just stood up right where they were. I think it's important to know the outcome. Maybe they could designate isles, and an area up front to get an idea. Great evening any way. Praise God for Franklin Graham, and their minister. Praying for you all. Gil R.

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