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1 Lomb Memorial Dr Rochester, NY, 14623
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  • tom slab 2 days ago

    The teachers are great. The education is good. The facilities are excellent. But that isn't enough to save the experience. Life outside of class is brutal. The experience all together is brutal. The dorm life is terrible, the RIT INN is bad also. Apartments are overpriced from the premium ones to the unfurnished ones. The food was pound for pound the most awful food I ever had to eat in my life. The school is like 80% Male 20 % Female and out of that 20% less than 5% is attractive. So don't expect on meeting any dream girls here the chances are slim compared to other colleges. The weather is terrible, The parties don't kick it half as good as some other colleges, drugs run high here with Rochester being a warehouse city for drugs, The campus is so massive parking spots are at least a half mile away at times many times further. Lots of prank fire alarms getting pulled more often than not in the middle of the nigh. The public safety and student conduct system is rather garbage compared to other colleges due to the fact that many of the reports they receive are rigged to target another student they don't like (yes the university can be that childish sometimes they still play with nerf guns) . Everything on campus is expensive, undersized, and downgraded. The ATM machines want 4 bucks not including your own bank fees, domestic beers are 6 bucks imports are 9. The groceries are terrible unless you go off campus. Lastly there's the campus that is built on swampy wetlands and it's always soggy and miserable long after storms have passed too. I'm thankful for the education I got it was good. But the overall experience, If I could do it all over again I think I'd take a chance elsewhere. Education is important and lots of opportunity come from it. But the experience outside of class is priceless. It's far more important because many people build the foundation of their future off of what they get from the overall experience. Education is just a tool to build off of the foundation and nothing will ever change that regardless of how nice facilities and teachers are at RIT. The experience is the foundation the education is what you use to build off it.

  • Kristina Roseberry 14 days ago

    They have so many resources that students can take advantage of to really push towards their dream career. This college is great if you are into engineering, technologies, or sience. I personally went for photography and all the professor's in my major were professional and some were well known photographers! It was really amazing to be taught by professionals all around. Truly great school.

  • Rethink Inc 20 days ago

    Best school on earth, loved the time I spent at RIT in 2004-2005 as freshman

  • Tobin Zee 52 days ago

    This place was just okay. Certain foods in cafeterias made me sick. RIT's transport system was limited. But I enjoyed excellent interpreting services and found some classes interesting.

  • David Skeldon 260 days ago

    Top-notch research university with a big bill. RIT's innovation, certainly in some departments, is at or nearly on par with the best in the country, and it's certainly renowned for it's computer science and computer engineering, but don't forget that Rochester has one of the top two largest populations of deaf people in the country, and NTID offers unparalleled access to education for deaf and hard-of-hearing students. Interpreters come out of here for American Sign Language (ASL) with the best skills in the world. The only criticism: the bizarre 'modern' art stationed around the campus. Is that sentinel statue really necessary?

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