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Robinson Market District

Pittsburgh, PA

(412) 788-5392

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100 Settlers Ridge Center Drive Pittsburgh, PA, 15205
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  • Jeremy Grimes 148 days ago

    I would give it ZERO stars if it were an option! This bank took my paycheck, claimed it was fraud, then REFUSED to release MY MONEY to ME!

  • Brandon Crosbie 189 days ago

    If I could give less than 1 star I would. Went in to the branch to make a cash deposit. The teller counted by hand, then by machine, placed the stack of money in the drawer, counted the second stack of money repeating this process, and deposited only the second stack of money completely excluding $1000 cash in my deposit. Had I not reviewed the receipt myself after walking 10 steps from the counter, this extra stack of $1000 would have quite possibly never made it into my account. The intent did not seem malicious, but this is quite absurd and embarrassing given the fact their sole purpose is to count and track money. Two months ago, I had my wife deposit cash at this same location, and she informed me the deposit was about $100 less than what I had thought I had counted. I figured if anything my wife pocketed the cash for some new shoes or I was tired when I counted. But now I am wondering if this was another "counting error" at this branch. Pro Tip: Always know how much cash you are depositing, snap a photo with your phone to time stamp it, and triple check the deposit receipt when they finish their attempt at counting. Perhaps just don't go to this branch, and do your deposits at actual bank branches.

  • Shelley White 1699 days ago

    I've had an account w/ them for 2 years now & they're the worse to deal w/. I've went over a couple times by $1.00-$5.00 & they ended up charging me almost $60.00 for it... Quite a fee for such a small amount. Most banks I've dealt w/ give a grievance up to $10.00 but not them. They're nothing short of a scam hiding under the term "financial institution". I quit putting my pay check & other funds in there. I had it switched to my other bank. thank goodness. They were robbing my single family income of money.I got tired of the fees, sometimes even when the funds were in there, it was some bogus fee on my statement. I used the atm a couple times from my other bank & credit cards & they charge a whopping $5.50 to get money out of it. The screen says there will be a fee of $2.50 for using it but later on my statements it showed another $3.00 listed as citizens bank.. That's a sign of bad business & the business not doing well so they make up their money by ripping people off. Also the settlers ridge branch hours were open until 7pm which worked fine for me being as though I got off later than traditional bank hours, but there were 3 times I went there at 6:20-6:30pm & the window was closed. After driving there & rushing, what a pain in the butt. I called to find out if they changed their hours but they insisted that I was wrong & that couldn't be possible. Like normal people can't tell time.. what a joke. A few weeks after complaining, they had a whole new staff in there so instead of just saying there was a problem, they pretty much accused me of lying... Bad business.. I'm done w/ them. I've closed my account. & there are lots of reviews the same as mine, so do a google search before opening an account, you will see it.

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