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5553 Copley Dr San Diego, CA, 92111
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  • Nercy Padilla 11 days ago

    Great place there's never a line and the workers are always welcoming

  • Maciej Gurban 11 days ago

    Quite crowded so service can be rushed. Free and thorough foot & gait analysis. Wide choice

  • Thomas Cunningham 38 days ago

    Prices here are *mostly* competitive with online retailers, especially if you have their VIP discount. The employees are very knowledgeable about the products they sell, and I feel that their Shoe Dog running gait analysis (a free service) accurately selected the correct type of shoe for me.

  • Keith Sherer 77 days ago

    First off the RR socks that wicker and great! Yet I might just not have found the really good ones idk. I originally left a very good review here yet that changed with realizations. The insoles are actually not custom they are molded. I thought the insoles were helping me yet it was other changes I made to improve things. I took the insoles out and my feet felt much better. My feet felt a lot better after running. My feet were less stiff in general. Now with regular shoes they tell you 90 day free trial. This isn't a free trial. If you actually use the shoes then you get store credit. It's literally to the point where I'm trying to find something I want with the store money ... So I returned my shoes and saw some I wanted online ... because the store doesn't carry this color apparently. So now I'm told every week the shipping date is pushed back another week. To me this deserves some compensation ... like a discount ... yet they tell me I could cancel if I want yet nothing can be done. Meanwhile they are still having the shoe of my size and type for sale online ... basically screwing over more people on purpose. I know the last part was about the online yet the main cause is I wasn't able to get money back for the "free trial". Basically the store is deceiving in many ways. Basically be very careful with this store. The socks I think are a winner ...

  • Evans Formica 164 days ago

    The sales are great! I appreciate getting my feet checked on the machine. I'm still wearing the same set of inserts that I got from them several years ago. I can now run without pain. Who knew? I didn't think that was possible.

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