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RMA CT - Norwalk

Norwalk, CT

(203) 750-7400

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(203) 750-7400

Open now
761 Main Ave Norwalk, CT, 06851
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  • Kelly LaForgue 29 days ago

    Dr. Hurwitz and his team at RMACT is absolutely fabulous!!! With all the office locations, and doctors on hand, you are always able to get an appointment at your convenience! At every RMACT office I visited (Stamford, Norwalk and Danbury), EVERYONE is very friendly and nurturing! I love that patients are assigned a personal navigator, financial coordinator, and a private nurse. At any time, you can contact them via phone or email and their response is in minutes! Even though we met with a few different doctors, Dr. Hurwitz was personally my doctor and I luckily saw him the most. Throughout our whole experience, he was always uplifting, humorous, positive, friendly, and caring. He gave us nothing but hope and made our dream come true for me to get pregnant. Even when pregnant, I was able to be monitored with three ultrasounds and bloodwork, until my 1st appt with my OB/GYN! He shared in our excitement and was truly happy for us!!! I HIGHLY recommend RMACT to anyone seeking fertility help! They will make sure you have all the necessary tests done, and do their best to help you in your journey. If we are unable to conceive again in the future, I will be back at RMACT!

  • Desiree Noelle 31 days ago

    Honestly there's not enough good things I can say about RMA. After doing 3 IVF cycles (all failed) I was virtually hopeless. I couldn't imagine starting over but my friend (who successfully had twins via IVF @ RMA) suggested I at least check them out. Well aren't I glad I did. All of the drs were so kind, patient, and took the time to really talk and understand you and your fertility questions. I had been through the ringer at Yale and didn't want to even try again. My 1st and only chuck with RMA was as success and I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy and amazing baby girl in September 2017. We also were able to successfully freeze multiple embryos, therefore we will be going back when we are ready for baby number 2. THANK YOU RMA 💖 WITHOUT UPUR CARE AND DEDICATION TO US AS INDIVIDUALS WE WOULDN'T BE PARENTS.

  • Stefanie ODell 33 days ago

    I am thrilled to be a patient of RMACT. Every single staff member is extremely accommodating. I know I am in good hands. I cannot recommend Dr. Hurwitz and his staff enough.

  • Marisa Torrieri Bloom 46 days ago

    I didn't have the greatest experience here. Sure, the staff were super welcoming and offered lots of resources to me, but Dr. Richlin himself seemed a bit unprofessional (putting his feet up during the visit, mainly), and a bit of a wise ass. I ended up going with another fertility doc to treat my FSH, and I got pregnant pretty quickly. Now I'm a mom of two.

  • Mandy F 91 days ago

    Brilliant. Our donor got refused by our clinic for silly reasons, we were only in USA for 3 days so had to find another clinic that would accept our donor and could do a full 1 day work up in 24 hrs time. Not only did RMA manage to schedule this, they also scheduled mammogram at another clinic, they have a geneticist on site which was brilliant, and a counseler on site. on top of all of this - even with the stress and $1200 of flights, we were over the moon that we the mishap with the other clinic happened - RMA was super friendly, helpful and made us feel super comfortable. I would say that Dr L is awesome - but I feel bad singling him out as everyone there was amazing.

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