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Ripley Grier Studios

New York, NY

(212) 799-5433

Open now

(212) 799-5433

Open now
520 8th Ave New York, NY, 10018
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  • TerriAnn Peters 8 days ago

    One of the best rental rehearsal space whether you're an actor, dancer, singer etc. I've booked here a few times, and each time it's been Hassel free. Staff is cool and informative, but they are a little pricey with some of the rooms. It's nice that they are in a convenient location and that the cafe is there on the 16th floor. The 17th and 10th floor are a little bit more on the quiet side as to the 16th floor where there is allot of foot traffic and overall noise.

  • andres 59 days ago

    The worst costumer service in rehearsal rooms in NYC. Today I booked a room and it was really fine so I decided to book another one for the next day, so I called them and a lady began to take my call, my English is still not very good so I kindly asked her my questions, and she answered me in a very rude and arrogant way to the point of wanting to hang up the call. Great rooms but the people of costumer service are very rude and arrogant. Never coming back again.

  • GHtv 'GHMammalZ' 132 days ago

    I took free great courses, then began using this location to host workshops soon after. They also have numbers great opportunities, given they house numerous auditions for a variety of projects/productions.

  • Cleopatress Altieri 179 days ago

    Best run dance space in New York City. excellent customer service, well labeled rooms, CLEAN, had a cafe and vending machines, multiple bathrooms, people work at the desk and are friendly. Theh have 2 buildings check your address and room number twice! Cons: no good for driving, you won't find parking but hello, welcome to NYC! One of the buildings (the even numbered one) has security which requires checking in with id. This isn't a con except if you are running late, it takes get upstairs during peek hours- be prepared.

  • Pierre Williams 204 days ago

    Ripley-Grier Studios are my go-to studio choice when I have a client that needs product photography of all kinds. They have locations all over the city, making it highly accessible. Each location has a many rooms of varying sizes. Whether you need a small space for table top shooting or a larger space for on model shoots, you can find what you need here. The rooms are affordable and some even have dressing rooms and showers for the models. They can provide, sound systems, tables and chairs and also have free WiFi. It's a great choice when you want an affordable space to shoot in.

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