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Richland Public Library

Richland, WA

(509) 942-7454

Open now
955 Northgate Dr Richland, WA, 99352
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  • Nathan Jones 2 days ago

    Have you been? No? What's wrong with you!?! God learn something!

  • Mark Ingalls 15 days ago

    Pleasant atmosphere to go and study for school or to just hang out.

  • Mitanda Ell 23 days ago

    Best place to study, little Cafe inside too is great

  • Juan Manuel Rodriguez Jr 175 days ago

    The library is full of useful books. The areas of the library are good for studying and/or relaxing. The computers are helpful if the use of internet is needed.

  • gsarrazo 271 days ago

    The staff was super friendly, I love the layout, and the noise some people have complained about is really a non-issue for me. There are plenty of really nice areas scattered around the library to study (frankly, if you need it so quiet as to hear a pin drop, you won't find that at any public space, and the Richland library is no exception). I, however, find the din of the ambient noise oddly comforting and can lose myself in my research or reading fairly easily despite the occasional whine of a blender or a child. While I am not much of a coffee drinker, I appreciate the aroma spilling out from the cafe into the rest of the library, reminding me of home and leaving me with the feeling that I am welcome. In short, I love the Richland library for its hospitality.

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