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Redneck Country Club

Stafford, TX

(281) 809-4867

Closed now
11110 W Airport Blvd Stafford, TX, 77477
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  • Kathy Collier 47 days ago

    This was a really awesome place. I recommended it to everyone. Good music and food and a really enjoyable experience. They hosted Ted Cruz so that really put it over the top.

  • Blanca Banda 95 days ago

    Came for a realtors' meeting and had a great time. The staff was friendly, helpful and very patient with so many of us there! I loved the quaint, honey, country feel of the place. The sinks in the women's restroom were shaped like Texas and the General Lee look-alike was pretty cool!

  • Christopher Reed 96 days ago

    The venue, concerts, staff, drink variety and environment make this place great. What brings it down the most is the food. We have only been here three times, but the food has been disappointing each time. During our most recent visit, we were told to order soon as the crowd would soon come in and could delay our order due to demand. As such, we ordered a chicken sandwich. After 45 minutes, we asked where our food was and the waitress noted that she thinks they ran out of chicken. After 5 more minutes, we received confirmation that they did run out of chicken and that we would have to order something else. We ordered a burger instead and noted that the burger bun was much larger than the meat patties. Their menu doesn’t have a lot of variety in the first place so I don’t know why they ran out of chicken, especially since we were among the first to order. Overall, very disappointed in the food, but I will continue to come back for the other things this venue has to offer.

  • Glen Huff 109 days ago

    Our company had a corporate event last night and rented the entire venue out. They had a live band that played cover songs very well, multiple bars, good food, and great staff. I've attached some pictures to this review to show everyone what it was like. My favorite part was sitting in the outside area by a fire. Their "backyard" theme was pretty cool. They had lawn chairs on grass surrounding fire pits. Inside is huge. Inside feels like a club. The three story building has open ceilings with multilevel seating surrounding the main stage. And There's a large dance floor area. My experience was with a corporate event. Looking forward to revisiting this place when I return to Texas on a normal night. It was a of fun. Highly recommend it.

  • Robert Hemann 128 days ago

    We are in Houston helping residents with their Hurricane Harvey claims and while listening to Michael Barry I kept hearing him talk about the RNCC. Another adjuster and I went to visit one Friday and are very happy we did. Saw Little Texas that were great and had at least a couple dozen members come up to us and make us feel like we were with old friends. If I lived in Houston I would join today. Great food, music and members. Best thing I heard was when Michael Barry started the night out by tell everyone, that if you don't treat the woman here tonight like queens you will be escorted off the property. When my wife flies in to visit we will be back. Thanks to the members and staff for making our visit very enjoyable.

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