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2600 Travis St Houston, TX, 77006
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  • allison guerra mockenhaupt 4 days ago

    Went for a "free" show from Blackhorse Limo. Show was great. However, before the show, a guy in Proof's parking lot was posing as an employee and took our money to park across the street. He did this to several patrons. After show, went out to car and it had been towed!! $250 and 3 hours later, I finally got my car back. So much for a FREE SHOW...😠 The club really should see that there's someone right there acting as employee. I mean there were other employees out there and the parking lot isn't very big! It ruined the entire evening.

  • Adam Youker 21 days ago

    This place is nice but they wouldn't let me in due to the fact I was wearing a v-neck. Keep in mind I was taking my wife out for her birthday. As I walk up wearing my Michael kors v-neck, I also pointed out the fact that around 10 other ppl were wearing v-necks. I asked why I was singled out and the door guy said "we don't allow v-necks or wife beaters." Now they have snoop Dogg performing tonight. Smh.

  • Bill Higgins 63 days ago

    Neat place, but don't go expecting a view of the city or anything. Good drinks and music, and lots of space with some pretty cool people.

  • Fernando Gonzalez 105 days ago

    It's okay. Very chill, not much going on. If you are just looking for a place to hang and drink I guess this would be a good choice; however, if you're looking for more of place that's alive,popping then no, I wouldn't suggest coming here. Don't get me wrong there are some people dancing here but the atmosphere doesn't compare to Gloria's which is a block away. If you like latin music and dancing your night away give that place a try. Have fun! :)

  • Leo Fromage 126 days ago

    It's a millennial upscale dive in mid town. Puddle of Mudd didn't show up but that wasn't their fault.

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