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Product School

San Francisco, CA

(844) 438-2765

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415 Jackson St San Francisco, CA, 94111
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  • Amit Kundani 2 days ago

    Product School was started by founders who used to work for General Assembly and their experience is reflected in their awesome program. The program is carefully structured by providing an aspiring PM with fundamental knowledge to be competitive in the job market. Every week, the class covers important themes such as working with engineers, UX, marketing, creating a hypothesis/validating, iterating, etc. Class lectures are supplemented with in-class projects that promote team collaboration and improvisation. Our lecturer Dana Alibrandi was extremely sharp, unconventional (in the best way), and humorous. His ability to make technical and difficult concepts engaging and comprehensible for everyone was much appreciated. He was easy to communicate with and always ready to provide aid and feedback via Slack and email. Dana genuinely cares about his students and it was a pleasure learning from him. I would highly recommend Product School for those who know they want to pursue a career as a PM but don't have the skills or experience with their previous jobs. Use them for their fullest potential - they call PMs from renowned companies to give speeches and QA's on a weekly basis in addition to having solid networking ties with recruiters and large tech companies.

  • Luke Genung 11 days ago

    I just finished the course a week ago in Santa Monica with Dana Alibrandi and had a great experience. I've learned a ton and feel more prepared in my career growth as a PM. I really appreciated the group projects/presentations and the camaraderie that our class developed by the end of the course. New students be prepared, the course moves through material and project work very quickly. If I have one piece of feedback to Dana/PS team, some of the in-class exercises felt rushed or the structure left me asking questions in order to understand the goal and get the most out of the exercise. As an organization, Product School does a great job of coordinating weekly presentations from Product Managers across big-name tech companies with valuable experience. The PS staff are good people, helpful and want to see you succeed. I'm looking forward to seeing the Product School course offerings grow.

  • Silvia Vieira 13 days ago

    I took the course in San Francisco with Alex Shih, head of product at Planet. This course gave me an excellent idea of what the Product Management role entails. The balance of theoretical, hands-on, and collaborative work was spot on. Alex was so intelligent, passionate, and patient with our class, while also pushing us to go the extra mile with our final projects. I highly recommend this course to anyone considering a career in Product Management, or experienced Product Managers who need a fresh perspective.

  • Seema Sairam 18 days ago

    I highly recommend Product School to anyone looking to break into a product manager role. The material covered in the 8-week session was comprehensive and all of the exercises lead to a finished project that you can continue to build on or use as part of a portfolio. I was a student in the December 2016 weekend cohort in San Francisco. Our instructor Alex Shih was amazing. He has expert knowledge, is supportive of the learning process, and provides unique insight into the world of product. He's also just a genuinely humble and nice person. I would highly recommend the weekend program as it allows for development of a closer working relationship with classmates and instructors. Yay for Product School!

  • Joe Fox, Jr. 69 days ago

    I was a student at Product School NYC during the summer of 2016. I learned a ton, and not only from the instructor but from the other students as well as the guests that were brought in to help teach, share their experiences, and provide feedback on our projects/resumes/etc. I would highly recommend Product School to anyone who has at least a couple years of work experience, but has never worked directly in a product management role. My classmates came from all backgrounds, but everyone had relevant work/professional/life experiences that give them a different perspective on the PM role. The course provided an overview of every aspect of a software PM's job, and introduced me to the tasks, the terminology, the software that a PM needs to be familiar with.

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