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New York, NY
79 Madison Ave New York, NY, 10016
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  • Henry Jeery 704 days ago

    Great Lounge Menu – Cocktails go great with the satay menu and I loved the 4 dipping sauces. Food has a great, colorful presentation. Definitely recommend it for Happy Hour.

  • Davinder Pal Singh 759 days ago

    Neither staff, nor food or service leaves leaves you happy or satisfied. Then the price which is up to area but delivers below par experience.

  • Tara Grey 779 days ago

    I come here for business networking events often and really like the place. Really easy to get to from Penn Station. The drinks are great - have had wine and apple martinis which were strong. My favorite appetizer is the spring rolls, which I didn't realize had tofu (until I looked at their menu online). I can't believe I like tofu! They are delicious. Great time and cool atmosphere!

  • Audrey Spring 1245 days ago

    I've never eaten here so I cannot comment on the food. I have partied here last year for New Years 2014. It was beautiful and the music was awesome. The open bar was fantastic as well. I loved it so much I'm going again this New Years for 2015.

  • Garner Marshall 1365 days ago

    This place is great. I went inside and it seems as though everyone was lit and having a good time. Food was delicious. Awesome drinks. Atmosphere was pleasant. When I left I passed about 7 people who were drunk as $h1+, they definitely had a good time (and will feel it tomorrow morning) I would definitely recommend this place if you haven't been here already. The last time I went was Labor Day weekend '14 and it was packed. I don't think you will be disappointed if you go there. It's such a great experience every time I go.

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